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Please note that you don't have to have HD TV service to play HD TV games, but you do to watch high definition television. If your TV is an "HDTV" (as opposed to a "HD ready TV"), then the Radio Shack box isn't going to do you any good. There are two ways that you might be able to get HDTV programing without buying HD cable service. Your HDTV should have a digtial over the air tuner (ATSC in the US). If you are located in an area were you can get TV reception with an antenna, then just hook up a TV antenna to your HDTV and tune into a HDTV broadcast. Some cable systems include non-premium digial channels in a format called QAM. Most HDTVs have a QAM tuner built into them. Just connect your HDTV directly to your cable outlet (not through a converter box) and scan for digital cable channels.

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Q: Can you buy your own box to receive the HD TV signal if you have just purchased a HD TV and have not signed up for HD TV service from your cable company yet?
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