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Can you catch the same cold twice?


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Catching the Same Cold Twice:No, a cold is a viral infection, and once the virus has been in your system, you become immune to it if you have a healthy immune system. Therefore, if you are exposed to the same virus, it will have no effect because your body already has defenses built for it.

However, you can catch a second kind of cold virus after having a different kind before. The reason this happens fairly frequently is that common cold viruses mutate quickly into new forms. The virus may change only a tiny tiny bit, but technically, what you would be contracting causing a second cold is a mutatedstrain of the same cold virus, or a different one of the many hundreds of cold viruses around at any given time.

Your immune system makes anitbodies and has sort of a "memory card" so to speak, of the exact virus you had so that you can't get the same one again.

See the related question below for more detail about viral infections and the immune system.


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no, you are immune to it, but there are millions more strains you can catch that give the same symptoms.

If you already have a cold you can still catch a cold from someone else. Every cold virus is slightly different, and although you can't catch the same exact cold twice, if the other cold virus is not the same one you already have, you can catch the new strain.

You can catch a cold sore from sharing same glass.

You often catch colds because a cold is caused by a virus. Each time you catch a cold, your body makes antibodies that correspond to that virus. The first time it sees a virus, it takes time to make the antibodies needed to fight off that particular virus. Your body fights it off, and if it finds the same virus again, it can make the antibody needed before you get the symptoms of the cold. However, the virus always changes slightly, so there are many different kinds. You never catch the same cold twice.

yes you can catch one from another person

No. The patient's immune system will have made antibodies in response to the first infection (to cure the patient) and these will prevent subsequent infections by the SAME virus. This is the whole basis of vaccinations.

No, once you have had an infection by a specific common cold virus and if you have an otherwise healthy immune system, you won't be sick with that same exact virus again. You could, however, become sick from a mutation of the virus you had. And the common cold is extremely efficient at mutating into new forms.

a person could catch A cold again because their immune system is weak but the WON'T catch the same cold again because their anti-bodies will have killed the infection and will know that it is the same germ again and kill it.

Viral immunity is typically pretty good for a healthy person, but there are many variations of both cold and flu. You won't get the *same* virus twice, but you may easily get a virus that has the same symptoms twice in the same year.

cant repeat the same process twice!,

yes u can catch a cold if u take a cold shower but u can also catch a cold if u are in a bad weather and germs.

"catch a cold" is the most common usage. "I caught a cold" "I don't want to catch a cold."

Yes, a person can catch cold in a desert if he/she is exposed to a cold virus.

no u can not catch ho-oh twice in ss.

yes you can catch a cold from another person.

You can potentially catch a cold from anyone.

babys can catch a cold at any age!

You can't catch cold sores from warts.

No, a cat cannot catch a human cold, just like a human cannot catch a cold or flu off a cat. These viruses are species-specific, meaning that they can only be caught from an infected animal of the same species.

If you don't take your vitamins, you might catch a cold.

When you catch a cold, you have the virus that creates it inside you, you can still get more of the virus but you already have the cold

A cold is a virus and you catch it from someone else or by touching something someone else has touched. This is why you should wash your hands a lot during cold season. You do not catch a cold from being cold.

You can catch a cold by being next to someone with a cold. This is because cold and flu in infectious and is considered to be an airborne disease.

I dont think you can catch a headache. You can catch flu or a cold which are symptoms of flu or a cold, but you cant just catch a headache.

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