Can you catch the same cold twice?

Catching the Same Cold Twice:

No, a cold is a viral infection, and once the virus has been in your system, you become immune to it if you have a healthy immune system. Therefore, if you are exposed to the same virus, it will have no effect because your body already has defenses built for it.

However, you can catch a second kind of cold virus after having a different kind before. The reason this happens fairly frequently is that common cold viruses mutate quickly into new forms. The virus may change only a tiny tiny bit, but technically, what you would be contracting causing a second cold is a mutated strain of the same cold virus, or a different one of the many hundreds of cold viruses around at any given time.

Your immune system makes anitbodies and has sort of a "memory card" so to speak, of the exact virus you had so that you can't get the same one again.

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