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You can place ceramic tile on?ægypsum sheet rock. Just be sure that the sheetrock is completely dry before?æstarting.

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What does gypsum make?

gypsum is used in sheet rock

Primary use is for sheet rock or wallboard?


What is an important use for Gypsum?

There are to main ways that gypsum is used. It is used in drywall/sheet rock. Gypsum is also used in soil to help loosen the soil structure.

What mineral is used to make sheet rock?

Gypsum is used to make sheetrock/drywall.

Can you put sheet rock compound or knock down over glue or grout?

No, the gypsum based compuond will not have proper adherance and will crack and flake off.

What are some products made from gypsum?

The main thing made from gypsum is the building supply called sheet rock. That is what is used for many indoor walls.

What type of rock is gypsum?

Gypsum is actually a major rock forming mineral. Rock gypsum is a chemical sedimentary rock.

Is rock gypsum a sedimentary rock?

Yes. Rock gypsum is a chemical sedimentary rock.

Are gypsum metamorphic rocks?

First of all, Gypsum is a mineral, and Rock Gypsum is a rock, don't get them confused. Second of all, no they aren't. Rock Gypsum is a sedimentary rock, and an alternate name for it is Alabaster.

Why is rock gypsum a sedimentary rock?

Gypsum is a mineral that was formed by layers of sediment , fine particles, that were deposited over a period of time, and then subjected to geologic forces.

What color is the gypsum rock?

the color for the gypsum rock is lik ewhite

When replacing sheet rock can you just put sheet rock over the pre-existing sheet rock?

No. That will screw up your electric and trim.

Are gypsum rock and rock gypsum the same thing?

Yes. They're the same.

What rocks contain gypsum?

== == Gypsum is a rock and a mineral.

What kind of sedimentary rock is Gypsum?

Gypsum is an evaporite.

Are gypsum and rock salt varieties of dolostone?

Rock salt and gypsum are not varieties of dolomite.

Are sheet rock and drywall the same thing?

Yes. 'SheetRock' is a particular brand name for gypsum board. I believe 'Drywall is, too.

What formation is responsible for rock gypsum?

Gypsum is formed underwater, usually between layers of shale and limestone. When the water evaporates and the area dries, the gypsum becomes solid "rock" gypsum.

What rock is gypsum found in?

secondary rock

What type of rock is rock gypsum?

It is a chemical sedimentary rock.

What is gypsum rock used for?

gypsum is used to make wallboards,plaster,and cement.

What rock is also a mineral?

Rock salt and rock gypsum are predominately the minerals halite and gypsum respectively. Quartzite is also predominately the mineral quartz.

What is an example of a gypsum?

Rock gypsum is a sedimentary rock. These rocks can be transparent or opaque. Examples could be chalk and chalk boards.

Is gypsum a clastic rock?

Its nonclastic

Is gypsum igneous rock?

No, it is sedimentary.

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