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No. A sand filter will always be a sand filter. Salt will always be salt. A filter can never be turned into salt {;-).

I am assuming that you want to install a salt chlorinator system and you want to know if it is compatible with a sand filter. The answer is yes. However, a salt chlorinator will cost you more in the long run than continuing to buy plain old chlorine.

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Q: Can you change sand filter to salt?
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How to change from sand filter to salt filter?

I want to change my existing sand pool filter into a salt filter system, Is it possible? can I don this easily or have to change out the whole pump? By the way, i have a hayward system and my pool is 18x16 inground. thanks

Can you replace the sand from your sand filter and replace the sand with salt?

no the salt will disolve....

How do you seperate a mixture of salt and sand?

the simplest method to separate salt and sand is by adding the mixture in water and then filtering it.then u get sand and salt water.afterwards evaporate the salt water and u get the remaining salt. Dissolve the mixture of sand & salt in water. Salt will dissolved and the sand will not. Filter this through filter paper, Sand will remain on the filter paper, whereas the salt solution will filter out. Dry the filterate by evaporating the water,the salt remain left. By this the sand & salt will separate out.

What are materials used for separating salt and sand?

Water and a filter would work. Pour the salt/sand into water and the salt will dissolve. Pour the mixture into a filter and the sand will be trapped in the filter. Evaporate the water and the salt will remain.

How do you get pure salt from salt and sand?

Make a water solution and filter; the sodium chloride solution passes the filter, the sand remain on the filter.

How do you change a vinyl inground chlorine sand filter pool to a salt?

Need to rephrase question.

How can separate sand and salt?

disolve the mixture in water then filter out the sand. Dry out the salt water to get salt.

How would you get back salt from a mixture of sand and salt?

Add water and stirr: salt is soluble, sand not. Filter the solution. On the filter re- main sand, in the solution salt. After repetitive evaporations you can obtain salt as crystals.

Why was the salt able to pass through the filter paper and not the sand?

The dissolved salt was able passss through the pores in the filter paper, whereas the sand was not. Sand does not dissolve in water, salt does.

Can sand and salt be separated by physical means?

Yes. Heat the salt and sand mixture up until the salt melts. Filter the sand out of the salt. Melting is a physical change and filtration is a physical separation technique so the separation is entirely physical.

How do you seperate salt from sand?

1 Pour water on the mixture of salt and sand. 2 filter the salt water out of the sand with a filter paper. 3 evaporate the water out of the salt water, leaving only the salt. the problem with this is when the salt desolves in the water the salt water also soaks into the sand so really when the sand dries out there is salt

How do you separate sand and common salt?

Salt is soluble in water, sand is not soluble; filter the solution.

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