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Can you change the video card in a laptop?

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It depends on the laptop, if it was a custom one then you can change the video card. You need to check with the computer manufacturer.

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The vast majority of laptop computers have dedicated video cards integrated into the motherboard (or logic board) of the computer, making them impossible to upgrade.

Search for DIY EGPU Its how to connect a desktop graphics card to a laptop.

It depends both on madel and current video card

No, you can't. Laptops have its own ports. If you want to upgrade your laptop video card, you need to make sure that your laptop has proper ports (mini PCI-E). And then get a video card which will fit that port.

How do you create a video camra on your toshiba laptop

You cannot replace the video card in a laptop,it is soldered to the motherboard.

A laptop video or graphics card can be purchased at most electronic retail stores or over the internet. Staples and Amazon are good places to purchase them.

yes through s-video card projector can connect to laptop

It depends on what you are doing and if you have a desktop or a laptop. If you are a gamer, then you will know if you need to upgrade to a better video card to play the game. If not, then you will probably be fine with the integrated one, unless you are running high - end business programs. Oh, and if you have a laptop then you cannot upgrade or change the video card at all. You should know if you need a better one.

You need to have a video card that is capable of a TV output. If you have this then check the software that came with the card.

It's built into the motherboard.

You can upgrade/update your 'Graphic Card' on ANY laptop or computer 'Video Card' = 'Graphic Card' Search 'Video Card' for more help.

No because the card is built into the motherboard

Yes you can. "You can upgrade your VGA card. Its MXM 2 type & you can go upto 9650M GT ." source: forum

no it has 1.32GBvideo memory

If you have a different Pavilion g4 of the same generation, you can change the motherboard from 1 laptop to another. But that would NOT change you graphics card since they would both be Intel HD 3000. Thats a good card and can play some games pretty well. If you need better you are going to have to buy a new laptop such as an MSI gt683, gx660, gx640.

It depends on the computer model, it would require you to disassemble the laptop swap video cards then reassemble the laptop and this would be likely damage the computer. I too have looked into this.

No, this will not work. Laptop video cards are designed for the laptop they are installed in. They are not removable from the laptop and do not have the same connections that a desktop has anyway.

There is no graphics card to change as the graphic chips are built into the motherboard. This is common with most makes of laptop computers.

Most laptops cannot have their video card upgraded. You would have to buy a new laptop in order to play this game. When you get that error message it means your laptop is not good enough.

Sorry, but no. Most laptops you can't change the graphics card. The same goes for this laptop. The graphics card is soldered to the motherboard, there is no way of improving it.

No the video card is soldered onto the motherboard, you basically would have to buy another motherboard which means your basically buying a new laptop

The short answer is no. The computer you're mentioning is a laptop. The card you mention is a desktop video card. There is no expansion slot for the laptop you mention for a video card like the one you asked about.Now there *are* some laptops that do have the ability to replace and/or upgrade your video card. The Toshiba you mentioned is not one of them. It's video card is built right into the logic board itself.

If the laptop has a video card, or it's integrated graphics is strong enough, you can play the game.

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