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Can you change your password on this site but still keep the same profile?


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Yes. Click on "My Control Panel" in "Farm Tools".


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It will say if you're password is case sensitive, either if somebody else is on you're profile or typed in the incorrect password

Under your profile pic keep looking down until u see change them

1.go to my profile on edit profile. 3.change the country. save. 5. if it doesn't work keep trying

Keep in mind that your Chromebook password and Google account password are one and the same. So, once you change your password, you will need to sign out of your Chromebook and sign back in with the new password.

or some one is one you character The reason is because you are technically still on your old password. To keep it from saying that just simply log out and then log back in with your new password. My nickname is beagle852.

Keep on getting it wrong and then if it pops up and says do you want to change your password say yes

actually there is a way to change your password. see that manage account button. click that and enter your parent account. if you dont have a parent account. you can create one. then click on your username when the top bar says manage penguin account. then click penguin password. and tadaa. you can change your password. they dont need your old password. if it doesnt work. keep on trying and youll get it

Some people hack others such as friends who know your password could do it my advice is don't share your password and if you do and are in a fight with who ever you shared it with change it then tell them your new password if you ever make up just keep them thinking your password is still the same or sometimes furniture can disappear because webkinz doesn't load right or your on a slow server

1. at home page- click play now start button on your penguin.. 4. after clicking your penguin click forgot password 5.the original password will be sent to your email 6.then after you may change your password... or keep the original your choice

Sometimes people change their profile picture on Facebook if they're playing a game. Some people simply like updating their picture.

Go to customize profile and delete the comments module. You will still have an add comment link at the top of your profile, along with you basic info.

go to edit profile,&& uncheck the box that says Keep profile private. [;

Use the memory card and connect it to a computer, then access the files within your card that contain your current password. Then using this password you can unlock your nokia 2690 and either keep using your recovered password or change it to a new one

How do you keep password to ms word

simply click your xbox button on your controller and keep going right until you find profile. once clicked you can click on bio to change it.

You can change your password in your settings. If you want to change your username, you will need to contact support. Include your current username along with three alternates you would like it changed to. They do NOT need your password. Please keep it private.

If it's password protected, you probably can't . And hacking is illegal . If you are POSITIVE she is cheating, consult a lawyer.Otherwise , keep your eyes and ears open .

I note that you are an unregistered user and therefore would not have a profile on WikiAnswers for anyone to look at.

Maybe because you have the wrong password. Select the 'forgot my password' option, and follow the instructions.

The basic three ways of protecting one's password are: 1. Have it be as long as possible and include capital letters, small letters and numbers in the password. 2. The additional way would be to change the password every few months. 3. Never keep the written password in a place where too many people may stumble upon it.

The password is either Lewis or Bluexephos for Xephos, if this does not work, keep searchin the web

To be on the safe side, you should change your email password every three months. Some email programs are more secure than others. Most of them suggest changing it every three months on average.

You cannot have a private profile on (in the way that you can, say, on Facebook).Quite the opposite: Your profile is actually for you to share info about yourself or your company.

Yes we can change by changing the sim(subscriber identity mobile) of the phone

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