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It is legal to collect unemployment if you work in one state and live in another. The question is, where to you collect unemployment? In which state would you file? For further information, see the Related Link below for an example of Texas' laws.

You would file a claim in the state you worked.

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Q: Can you collect unemployment if you work in another state?
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Can you collect unemployment and work in the state of ill?

I live in the state of Illinois, can you work part-time and collect unemployment benefits.

If you live in one state but was working in another which state do you collect unemployment in?

The state you worked in. You apply for it where ever you are now living.It is legal to collect unemployment if you work in one state and live in another. The question is, where to you collect unemployment? In which state would you file? For further information, see the Related Link below for an example of Texas' laws.

Must you be a legal resident to collect unemployment insurance?

Yes, illegal immigrants are ineligible for benefits. However, you can be a legal resident in one state, work in another state and be eligible for unemployment benefits from the state you WORK in.

If you leave your current employer to relocate to another state can you collect unemployment?

If you voluntarily quit your job even though you are capable of performing work, you do not qualify for unemployment.

Can you collect California unemployment benefits if you are in another state looking for work?

If you used to live in state of CA and then moved to another state then maybe yes. But if you are out-of-CA towner trying to collect CA umeployment benefits, most likely no.

Can you get state disability insurance in California after your unemployment runs out?

Can you collect state disability after your state unemployment runs out. Of course you are now unable to work.

You live in Connecticut but work in New Jersey which state do you collect unemployment from?

You would collect from New Jersey, the "liable state".

If you work in New York and live in New Jersey where do you collect unemployment benefits?

This depends on where you work and how your pay check is issued, ie which state your unemployment insurance is paid to. The state that INSURES you against unemployment is the one that pays you. Do not confuse this with tax filing as you will file taxes in the state that you reside.Also relevant is the fact that you can move to another state after you turn unemployed and still collect your unemployment money from our earlier host state. Do bear that in mind.

Can you collect unemployment if you work two days a week?

There are too many variables to answer the question. State, work history, is the 2 days part time now, or what you want to collect for, etc.

Do you have to report social security on your unemployment claim form?

In order to collect state unemployment insurance income you must be capable to work. If you are disabled and collecting SSDI then you are not able to work and therefor cannot collect state unemployment insurance income. Legally, you may only collect one and not the other.

Can you collect unemployment if you must move out of state leaving your job?

I've done a little research and it looks like you can but you have to notify Unemployment Dept. to let them know you will be looking for work in another state and get the UE transferred.

You got laid off work can you still collect unemployment if you relocate to another state?

Yes, as long as you were qualified in the first place to receive it and, secondly, that you comply with the unemployment laws of the state paying you regarding relocation.

Can you live and work in one state collect from another state?

No. You can only collect from the "liable state", the one you work in.

Can you collect unemployment from another job while working 20 hrs week?

You can if you qualified for the unemployment, if your present pay is less than the benefits being paid, and if the state you work in allows it.

In California can you collect unemployment after state disability?

You can collect unemployment after state disability if you are healthy enough to return to work, and your employer terminated your employment during your disability. The termination can not be related to your job performance.

Do you collect unemployment from the state you work in?

Yes. The state you work in is called the "liable state" and the funds it pays you it collects from employers in the form of unemployment taxes, usually based on the turnover rate of the business' work force.

I live in Connecticut and work in New York. Do I collect unemployment benefits from New York or Connecticut?

Generally, unemployment benefits are paid by the state in which you worked. If you live in Connecticut and work in New York you most likely collect unemployment benefits from the state of New York.

Can you collect unemployment benefits after you have a hysterectomy?

It depends on the state and what your work history was like, as well as all the other unemployment criteria your state may require.

Can you collect California state unemployment benefits if you have not worked in years?

No. You have to have a current work history.

Can you collect unemployment when your husband gets a job out of the state you live in?

If he was drawing unemployment and is now working, his unemployment benefits will stop when he reports the new job.If you are receiving unemployment your husband's new job will not affect your benefits.If you are now collecting unemployment and you want to continue, you should report the new address to the unemployment compensation office in the state you received your benefits from.Another answer:Some states allow you to collect your own unemployment if you follow your spouse,, due to his transfer, etc. Other do not allow for anything but work related issues. You need to dheck with the state you work in for clarification.

Can you collect unemployment if your company is closing and you are pregnant?

Yes you can. I'd apply for it right away. When you call Unemployment ask them what the waiting time is and state you are pregnant. There is a limit as to how long you can collect unemployment ins.AnswerUsually to collect unemployment benefits, you must be able to work and actively seeking work. If pregnancy has not yet disabled you, you will qualify for unemployment if you are job hunting.

If you are retiring but going to work in the summer for the company that you work for now can you also collect unemployment?

You can not collect unemployment if you are retired or working.

Can you collect unemployment and do freelance work in Florida?

That would be dishonest, you can not collect unemployment if you are freelance working.

Can you work in another state and still draw unemployment in your home state?

You may still be able to work when you are collecting unemployment benefits without losing your benefits. Rules vary from state to state, but typically if you work for less than a certain threshold of your former salary (e.g. 80%), unemployment will pay the difference between what you make and that threshold. It seems you are asking whether you can work in State A and not notify State B where you collect unemployment, which is benefits fraud and is against the law, carrying severe penalties.

Can you collect unemployment for leaving your job in Massachusetts and moving to another state?

You can't qualify for the mere act of moving to another state. There has to be other eligibility issues such as the work history, reason for the loss of the job, etc.