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Can you connect one set of speakers to two different stereo amplifiers at the same time?

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2007-09-04 02:52:32

I've got a bookshelf audio system with two speakers. The CD

player/receiver/amp connects to them via standard speaker wire. In

other words, there are no RCA plugs, just the standard clip

connections. I also have an older amp that connects to speakers via

standard speaker wire with clip connections. As long as the two

amps are not on simultaneously, I was wondering whether it would be

possible to connect both amps to the speakers using standard

speaker wire, assuming the the clip connections can accommodate two

wires. I am wanting to know this as well, as I have an old phono

turntable which requires an older style of amp which has PHONO, but

I also have a modern surround sound amp. I would like to know if I

can share the same speakers between the two amps, and how can this

be done? Hi again Schnazola, As you are only wanting to switch two

speakers between amps, I thought this may help. There are also

similar speaker switches available on ebay. Probably cheaper to

make your own. This page shows you how.

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