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Can you connect one set of speakers to two different stereo amplifiers at the same time?

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I've got a bookshelf audio system with two speakers. The CD player/receiver/amp connects to them via standard speaker wire. In other words, there are no RCA plugs, just the standard clip connections. I also have an older amp that connects to speakers via standard speaker wire with clip connections. As long as the two amps are not on simultaneously, I was wondering whether it would be possible to connect both amps to the speakers using standard speaker wire, assuming the the clip connections can accommodate two wires. I am wanting to know this as well, as I have an old phono turntable which requires an older style of amp which has PHONO, but I also have a modern surround sound amp. I would like to know if I can share the same speakers between the two amps, and how can this be done? Hi again Schnazola, As you are only wanting to switch two speakers between amps, I thought this may help. There are also similar speaker switches available on ebay. Probably cheaper to make your own. This page shows you how.

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How do you connect speakers to sylvania TV?

If the TV has an audio output, connect this to a stereo amplifier, and then connect speakers to this. Modern TV's don't have amplifiers for external speakers.

Can you use regular stereo speakers for computer speakers?

Yes, you can, if you have an amplifier. Connect the speakers to the amplifier and the amp to the line-out of your PC's sound card. You can use standalone amplifiers or even built-in amplifiers from different sound systems. Just make sure you have an input and an output you can use.

Where do you find a stereo wiring diagram and the location of the amplifiers on a 1994 Chrysler Town and Country van with the Infinity stereo system?

The amplifiers are on the infinity speakers. Each speaker has its own amp.

How are computer speakers different from stereo speakers?

PC speakers hook directly to a computer and have connections built for that. Stereo speakers are driven by a stereo reciever.

How do you connect stereo speakers to pc?

Regular passive (non-amplified) speakers will need to be connected to a power amp (an old stereo receiver can do this). Connect the line out of the computer to the aux or tape in of the receiver, and then connect speaker cables from the receiver to each of the speakers.

Where is the amplifier for the radio on a 1990 Dodge Caravan?

Amplifiers are on the speakers in the door. Otherwise its just in the am/fm/stereo unit

How can you connect extra speakers ot your stereo?

You should have outputs in the back of the amplifier.

Where can I find an amplifier for Bose speakers?

Bose speakers designed for home theater / home stereo applications can be powered by any stereo or surround receiver with sufficient power output for the ratings of the speakers. Bose speakers for car stereo applications must be powered by Bose amplifiers, since they have a special super-low impedence design which is not used by other manufacturers. Bose speakers for MP3 players have their own amplifier built into the speakers.

What wire is needed to connect a laptop to stereo speakers?

A cable wire that looks like a Y is needed to connect a laptop to a stereo. This cable allows you to use the single output jack on the laptop to connect to the left and right inputs on the stereo.

How do you hook up stereo speakers to a truck stereo?

To hook up stereo speakers in a truck, attach the stereo wiring to the stereo and run it to the speakers. Clip the stereo speakers into the wires and place them in the panel spaces in the truck.

How do you connect your Advent AW 400 wireless stereo speakers?

The AW400 wireless speakers have a transmitter module. This module is plugged into your sound source (your TV or stereo or whatever). Each of the speakers is then plugged into the wall with its own power cord.

How do i connect speakers to a Marantz TT551 record player?

The Marantz TT551 needs a phono preamp (usually found in older stereo receivers) and powered speakers or the amplifier inside the old stereo.

Which is louder stereo speakers or normal speakers?

Dont understand your question because stereo speakers are normal speakers

Which type of sound makes it possible for different sounds to come out of different speakers?

Stereo sound makes it possible for different sounds to come out of different speakers.

What are stereo headphone and headphone speakers?

Basically, the difference between stereo speakers and mono speakers are that different sounds can come out of different speakers. For instance, if in a movie a gunshot was made to the right of the viewer, the sound would be made to come out of the right speaker as to give more of a feeling of being there.

Can you use computer speakers for regular stereo speakers?

Yes you can, computer speakers are no different than stereo speakers in construction, the only difference is that computer speakers are usually a lot less powerful as they wont perform as well with a stereo system usually. +++ Performance and power are not synonyms. For a loudspeaker to work properly with any given amplifier, it has to be matched for both power and impedance - though if you connect a 5W rms speaker to a 50W rms amp and turn the volume up high you will wreck the poor speaker!

Can you plug your Bose speakers directly into receiver?

It depends on the speakers. Bose computer speakers are not designed to connect directly to speaker inputs on your receiver, as they have their own amplifier. All Bose home stereo speakers can be connected.

How do you power a powered subwoofer to factory car stereo?

Take the rcas from the amp and connect it to the + and - posts on one of your speakers.

How do you connect speakers directly to a TV?

Some of the better TVs have external speaker connectors on the back, most do not. If the TV has audio output connectors you can connect a stereo audio amplifier and speakers to these. If this works, go into the audio menu and turn off the TVs internal speakers.

What kind of stereo equipment does Linn Music Systems sell?

Linn Music Systems of the United Kingdom specializes in home entertainment. They offer home, business, network, and custom stereo equipement which includes amplifiers, turn-tables, and speakers.

What are some audio options for a car?

There are several options here. Ther are Car Stereo Speakers which are the same like a home audio system. You can also include Stereo subwoofers to provide the bass. Stereo Amplifiers provide a balanced level of bass-, mid- and high range frequencies.

Can you connect speakers to your stereo wirelessly?

To be able to connect speakers to your stereo wirelessly you must have a system that supports it. It must clearly state wireless speakers or else it will not work. Many sony models accept wireless but you also need to buy a wireless card to make it work even when it says wireless. Do your research before you just buy any system as a lot of them have problems.

What is the best wireless and stereo speakers?

If you are looking for a wireless speaker that can stream music through Wi-Fi, has the ability to play music in different rooms with multi-room sound system, and produces the stereo sound effect - then HEOS wireless speakers are truly the best. Bose also has good range of wireless speakers that can connect with your home network or Wi-Fi for playing the desired music.

What did Santana mean on glee when she said I've gotten mono so many times it like stereo?

Mono and stereo are terms often referred to in the use of amplifiers and sound systems. Mono- all sounds through one speaker and Stereo- soundes dispersed throughout multiple speakers

What are some brands of car stereo amplifiers?

There are a few brands of car stereo amplifiers on the market today. One can check out brands such as Boss, Kenmore and Pioneer when making the decision on an amp.