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Technically, yes, you *can*, but, you shouldn't. Here's why: Although it is oil-based, there is a lot of stuff in there that is not oil, and a lot of it is not friendly to heat. Sugars will burn, as will garlic, spices, and herbs. Vinegar or other water-based flavorings in the marinade will boil off and evaporate, concentrating the already burned and extremely un-tasty flavors you have going. Plus, there's no need to. Cooking tightens proteins, so, no additional flavor is going to be imparted to the food. So, in conclusion, it's not tasty and it's unnecessary. If you want to use a marinade as a sauce, and get the flavor of the marinade on after it's cooked, then reserve some of the marinade BEFORE it hits the food. Some people will tell you to boil it after you take the meat, etc. out of the marinade to use as a sauce, but, it can't get hotter than boiling temperature, and some bacteria can survive 212 degrees. So, I think it's better safe than sorry. Nut, it's your choice.

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Q: Can you cook with an oil-based marinade?
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How long can fish stay in a marinade?

fish only needs to marinade for 15 to 20 minutes, anything over that and it will just cook in the marinade acid

Do I wash the marinade off the meat before I cook it?

In my experience, it is better to leave the marinade on for cooking. Depending on the marinade, it will glaze on the meat and enhance the flavor.

How do you cook a sea horse?

BBQ it, marinade it then put it on a skewer and bbq it.

How many days can meat marinade in the refrigerator?

i put meat in fridge frozen in marinade has been in there 3 days is it still good to cook.

Do you cook the steak in a marinade?

No, the idea of a marinade is to infuse the meat with flavor. If you then cook it in the marinade, it will be too strong a taste. Plus, it'll boil, making it pretty tough. The exception would be braising, which is slow-cooking at a low temperature in either wine, stock, tomato sauce, or combinations of them, with some chopped aromatic vegetables and herbs. In that case, you simply brown the meat (some don't) and put into the liquid to cook. Technically, this is cooking it in a marinade.

What are some cook books containing beef jerky marinade recipes?

There is a cook book which offers instructions on marinading beef jerky recipes. One book is called Paleo Jerky Marinade Recipe Cookbook, offered in the PDF format.

Is steak a carbohydrate?

No meats don't have any carbs unless u cook it with something that does, like a type of marinade

Does Lemon juice cook shrimp?

Anything acidic like lemon juice does "cook" any fish or seafood. That's why you shouldn't marinade fish, I've heard.

Can you marinade squid?

When you cook a squid you get out a pan put the squid in and fry in up in chicken noodle soup and butter. Then you eat it!

Should you add worcestershire sauce to a marinade?

Only if the recipe calls for it or if you are sure that adding it to the marinade won't destroy the flavor. Unless you're an experienced cook, it's probably best to stick as closely to the recipe as possible.

Can you cook meat in marinating sauce?

No, throw the marinade out that has had raw meat in it. Make a new one if you want to baste it while cooking.

What is marsala marinade?

A marinade which incorporates Marsala Wine.

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