Can you cook with an oil-based marinade?

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2006-07-10 03:13:26

Technically, yes, you *can*, but, you shouldn't. Here's why:

Although it is oil-based, there is a lot of stuff in there that is

not oil, and a lot of it is not friendly to heat. Sugars will burn,

as will garlic, spices, and herbs. Vinegar or other water-based

flavorings in the marinade will boil off and evaporate,

concentrating the already burned and extremely un-tasty flavors you

have going. Plus, there's no need to. Cooking tightens proteins,

so, no additional flavor is going to be imparted to the food. So,

in conclusion, it's not tasty and it's unnecessary. If you want to

use a marinade as a sauce, and get the flavor of the marinade on

after it's cooked, then reserve some of the marinade BEFORE it hits

the food. Some people will tell you to boil it after you take the

meat, etc. out of the marinade to use as a sauce, but, it can't get

hotter than boiling temperature, and some bacteria can survive 212

degrees. So, I think it's better safe than sorry. Nut, it's your


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