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Can you defribrillate with stents?

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What is the proper spelling of stents?


How many stents can you have?

I have had 32 stents put in in the last 7 years

Why are stents used?

Stents are primarily used to open vessels that were blocked. This improves the blood flow.

Can you have a cat scan with stents in your heart?

Yes you can. CT scan uses x-ray, which has no effects on stents.

How many stents can you have in your heart?


What is the average number of stents per patient?

a person could potentially receive 10-15 or even more stents even under reasonable and appropriate care

What is the purpose of ureteral stents?

Following balloon dilation or incision of ureteral strictures, placement of stents maintains the functionality of the ureters. Stents may also be used in the presence of kidney stones to manipulate or prevent stone migration prior to treatment.

What is the meaning of stets as related to the heart?

It is "Stents" and not stets. Stents are small, metallic, porous cylindrical structures that are placed within a blood vessel to prevent re-narrowing of the blood vessel due to chloesterol deposition. Usually these stents are placed after a "ballon angioplasty", a medical surgery to clean the deposited cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels (coronary arteries), to prevent re-narrowing or furhter deposition of chlolesterol that may block the coronary arteries and may lead to Angina or heart attack. In some cases these stents may also be coated with drugs such stents are called as drug eluting stents.

How long do coronary stents last?


How many cardiac stents can a person have?


Can a person with heart problems and stents take aspirin while taking extra strength Tylenol and having stents?

Are aspirin and acetaminophen the same thing

What is the maximum number of heart stents one can have?


What are stents made of?

There are a few types: Self expanding stents are made of a material called NITINOL, which is nickel titanium compound.Balloon expanding: are made of surgical stainless steel

What is a heart stent and what is it used for?

Heart stents are a medical implantation made to the heart to increase blood flow. Heart stents are used to prevent a heart attack, and to increase heart capacity.

How many stents can be placed in the heart area at one time?


If medicated stents were placed in heart valve in July and suffered chest pain and tightness could this be from stents?

Probabably not, it may be caused by something else, or something related, but the best thing to do is to check with your doctor.

How long do cardiac stents usually last?

Coronary stents last forever and will never be removed. However, 10-20% of patients may develop retenosis, or blockage in he stent, which would require another procedure to clear them out. For this reason it is very important for patients who have been treated with Stents to take Plavix and Aspirin as prescribed by their doctor until told otherwise.

What are the treatment for heart attack?

StentsBypass surgeryHeart transplantArtificial Heart

What are the release dates for The Dr- Bob Show - 2003 Angioplasty and Stents Dr- Malcolm Foster?

The Dr- Bob Show - 2003 Angioplasty and Stents Dr- Malcolm Foster was released on: USA: 21 June 2012

How are Heart Stents Used?

Heart stents, made of a small mesh tube are used to prevent heart attacks by keeping coronary arteries open. They are often inserted following non-invasive procedures such as angioplasty, which also works to keep blood flowing through arteries. Stents are inserted via a balloon catheter, which guides the stent into place in the narrowed artery. The balloon is deflated and the stent then expands to hold open the artery. Heart tissue heals around the stent over a period of several weeks. Stents sometimes contain medicine to lessen the possibility of reblockage due to plaque.

What is the effect of coronary stents coated with drugs?

These coated stents have significantly reduced restenosis rates--down to 3%--in some clinical studies. One coated stent brand, the Cordis CYPHER, became the first coated stent approved by the FDA in April 2003.

Is plavix a nitrate?

No, Plavix is not a nitrate. It is a platelet inhibitor that is used to prevent blood clots, usually in stents.

Where are stents usually implanted?

coronary arteries, the carotid arteries in the neck, and renal (kidney) or biliary (gall bladder) arteries

Can you smoke after you have a stent put in your neck?

Not a wise idea, because smoking is one of the main reasons for stents needing to be placed in the neck...

How long a person may live after the placement of 3 stents for severe arteriosclerosis on a 70 year old men.?

Ask your Doctor.