Periods and Conception

Can you delay your period?

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February 28, 2016 2:34AM

Yes, you can delay menstruation by taking medication like


Norethisterone is essentially a synthetic progesterone so

started three days before menstruation it prevents the progesterone

drop that would normally trigger menstruation to begin. This drug

is normally prescribed by a doctor and you take it three times per

day from three days before your period, you continue to take it

until you want your period to start. Menstruation will normally

occur within around 48 hours of stopping the pills, it can be

heavier but that isn't always the case.

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November 25, 2009 2:09AM

How postpone/delay period (menstruation)

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Often girls and women asking for changing dates of their periods

because of swimming

parties, summer holidays, diving, very special meetings with

boyfriends, sport competitions, etc. As this demand is existing,

some pharmaceutical companies are trying to find harmless

solutions. What are possibilities? - 1). extended-cycle oral

contraception (if important evens are scheduled in advance), 2).

gestagens (if events are planned unexpectedly) or 3). birth control

pills in special extended regime (if person already using birth

control pills at the time event is planned)

Norethisterone can be prescribed by your doctor and works well. It

only needs to be taken 3 days before expected period and for as

long as you wish to delay menstruation. This is the best option for

women who aren't on continual hormonal birth control.

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