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yes all you have to do is contact them by email or telephone. :) or just go to settings and you can block people or u go to the other persons name then you put remove me if you dont want them to be your friend! :)

Yeah! You can go to the box what you sign out(dont sign out) and click help center, Once you are in help center, click "send your own ideas" and type what i type: Can you deleted my account?( no please) and they will deleted your account in few days

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How do you delete a WeeWorld?

Go into feedback and tell weeworld, that they can delete your account( :

How do you delete your account on WeeWorld?

You do it by pressing on feedback okay?!

How do you delete your WeeWorld Account?

i have no idea so i am still asking and asking :( :( :( :( :(

How do you delete weeworld?

You can not delete your weeworld you just stop using it!

How do you delete WeeWorld account?

You Can Delete it, You go to feedback and send them a message saying you want it deleted. Then in a few days, its gone.

How do you delete a room on WeeWorld?

Sorry but you can not. One you have added a room, you can not delete it.

Who do you get out of WeeWorld?

If you want to cancel your account on weeworld you have to send a message to the people who run the site and ask them to remove it, to do this you go to the feedback tab (under CELEBS) and once you click that a small box will appear, click on the first thing given "I would like to make a comment or suggestion" then type in why you want to quit and they will delete your account... hope this helped ;p * or you could just exit out of your weeworld character, and just never go back on it, and in time they will delete your account. Add manomez : )

Does Selena gomenz have a woozworld account?

No but she has a weeworld account

Does Kristen Stewart have a WeeWorld account?

Kristen Stewart goes by KristenStewart on WeeWorld.

Does Robert Pattinson have a WeeWorld account?

Robert Pattinson goes by RobertPattinson on WeeWorld.

How old do you have to be to be in WeeWorld?

you have to be 13 or older to play weeworld and if you want to stay on weeworld you have to say nice things and not be mean otherwise you will get kicked off of weeworld and you will have to create a new account and when you create a new account you have to agree to the terms of use otherwise you will not be able to play weeworldthank you

Does Hilary Duff have a WeeWorld account?


How do you delete my smsfi account?

delete my account

How do you delete my nimbuzz account?

You can delete your Nimbuzz account can be deleted easily. You can to to your settings to delete. then select the delete account option.

Can you delete Hotmail?

You can delete your account, but you can't delete the website hotmail as a whole. To delete your account, you go to your settings and account information then close account.

How do you delete your account on youtube?

Click Your Account . Then Manage Account then Delete Account

How do you delete account?

It is very easy to delete an account at You will need to log into your account and go to your account info to delete your account.

Delete all your WeeWorld messages?

You go to your home page, and where the message says: play [&] delete, you clikc delete to erase it.~SmartestBrittany, PolkaDots3000 [&] xPolkaDots

How do you delete all your friends on WeeWorld?

Just tell them you hate them and they will do it for you !! haha lol

How do you delete friendfinder account?

how can delete my adult friendfinder please delete my account

Can you delete an account?

pls delete my mobikwik account

How do you delete an account from way2smscom?

how do i delete my account from way2sms?

How do you delete your ImLive account?

How do you delete your ImLive account?

How can you delete a nick com account?

You CAN NOT delete your account.

How do you delete my stepout account?

my account has been delete