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Sure, why not?

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

How many grams of cholesterol should you eat each day to maintain a healthy diet

What would cause a fluttering inside the ear canal

Why is beef fat a solid at room temperature

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Q: Can you designate the primary and secondary insurance coverage and declare not to pay because of no out of pocket expenses?
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Can a wifes maternity expenses be covered by the husbands insurance if her insurance does not have coverage?

If you both have coverage the wife's policy will be primary, and the husband's will be secondary - provided the wife is covered under the husband's policy. Submit the unpaid claims to the secondary carrier.

What is payment for insurance?

Payment of insurance is nothing but the premium paid towards the insurance policy. The premium amount includes the charge of coverage per unit (for example, the charge of coverage for $1000 might be $10. So, to have an insurance coverage for $10,000 the charge of coverage would be $100) plus the expenses incurred by the insurance company for the policy.

What are Small amounts of money for incidental expenses?

umm i think it is insurance coverage

What kind of insurance is CAA travel insurance?

CAA travel insurance is coverage for unexpected expenses incurred while one is traveling. Expenses such as medical, accident, baggage and rental car costs can be included.

What happens if the damages in an accident exceed the insurance coverage of the person at fault?

You need a life insurance policy to cover the risk of death and a health insurance policy as a cushion against hospitalisation expenses. Buy Personal Accident Insurance Coverage :

What exactly does free auto insurance quote mean?

customer buy insurance policy to keep themselves safe against loss, policies could be acquired for harm to a car,to a home,for medical expenses,or for loss of life, Insurance provider provide insurance coverage quotes for you to potential customers to disclose the costs and terms of getting insurance coverage from their respective business, In many cases,the higher the chances of damage,the higher expenses of the insurance coverage

Can you get insurance coverage for expenses like gasoline or utility expesenses?

I've never heard of such a thing.

What is PIP in insurance?

In insurance, PIP is an acronym for Personal Injury Protection. In some states, PIP provides coverage for an insured person for certain "reasonable and necessary" expenses. The types of expenses that qualify for PIP coverage vary from state to state, but some examples of expenses may include: loss of services, income continuation, medical and hospital expenses, funeral expenses, and child care expenses for bodily injury caused by a covered accident (regardless of who was at fault).

What is a primary policy?

The concept of a "primary policy" can best be understood when there exist two or more insurance policies that arguably provide coverage for the same occurrence. The "primary insurance" is the policy that is first responsible for the payment of claims. A good example might be when a state requires that the owner of a motor vehicle to maintain what of often called "personal injury protection coverage" (a/k/a "no fault coverage"). That type of insurance pays a percentage of the injured insured's medical expenses and/or lost wages regardless of fault for the collision. If the injured insured also has major medical or hospitalization insurance, a primary/secondary insurance scenario develops. State statutory law or interpretative case law will dictate which is primary and which is secondary, but typically, the coverage specific to the occurrence (e.g. the auto-related insurance) will be primary until benefits are exhausted. Primary/secondary insurance situations may also develop when insurance is required to be maintained by the terms of a contract between two or more parties. Often, the contract specifies which (or whose) insurance will be primary.

What is UM in car insurance?

UM stands for uninsured motorist. This type of coverage is used to take the place of the other parties insurance in paying for damage to your bodily injury and property damage expenses if the other party does not have insurance. You can purchase various amount of UM coverage just as you can for your liability insurance though most companies will not let you buy more UM coverage than you do for your liability coverage.

What is first dollar medical coverage?

First dollar coverage in health insurance means that your insurance covers health care expenses without copayments or deductibles having to be paid first.

Why would it be a good idea to have medical payments insurance on your auto insurance?

Medical payments coverage generally pays a portion of medical expenses incurred as a result of a collision and resulting injuries. Similar to Personal Injury Protection coverage, it pays expenses without regard to fault for the collision. It can fill in some of the gaps of coverage that may occur in Personal Injury Protection coverage, such as a high deductible. It may also be triggered when all of the benefits of Personal Injury Protection coverage are used, and pay additional medical expenses incurred. This coverage has nothing to do with physical damage to the vehicle. It pays benefits only for medical expenses incurred from the collision.

What does coinsurance mean in medical insurance's?

It's secondary or tertiary insurance that is held to cover any medical expenses the primary insurance policy does not cover or does not cover completely.

Paid 11520 for six months insurance premium what will be the journal entry?

debit prepaid insurance 11520credit cash 11520Debit Insurance Expense 1,920 Debit Prepaid Expenses 9,600 Credit Cash 11,520 This assumes the payment is made in the first month of coverage. If the payment is made before the coverage begins, the entire amount would be posted to Prepaid Expenses. If the payment was made after the coverage began (for example, in the second month of coverage), you would post the remaining number of months times 1,920 to Prepaid and the balance to Insurance Expense.

How much does Medical charge for basic hospital expense insurance coverage?

expenses of plans provided by employers as a starting point. ... Affordable Health Care Insurance Policy - Basic Guidelines You Need to Know ... Easy Methods to Get the Ideal Medical Insurance Coverage at a Minimum Cost

What is covered on pip insurance in Ohio?

Coverage on PIP insurance in Ohio can be offered by the insurers if PIP insurance is chosen. PIP can may help pay for medical expenses for passengers and the primary driver.

Who gets the car insurance med pay?

Med Pay is a coverage for you and your passengers meant to pay quickly without regard to fault for smaller medical expenses such as emergency room visits. If the person also has health insurance the health coverage will pick up after the Med Pay coverage is exhausted.

Do you have to reimburse health insurances for medical bills from automobile accident?

If you have coverage on your auto insurance policy that pays medical expenses to you or to the hospital, the answer is yes that you do have to reimburse your health care provider. The health insurance policy states that they will pay for expenses incurred in an auto accident over and above any coverage you may have on your auto insurance. You agreed to this in your policy by taking out the policy, so you have no choice. It is actually illegal for you to pocket money you received in duplicate payment for the same expenses, which is what this would be.

IF SOMEONE that has no license or insurance and hits your car?

Well, first lets make a complete sentence out of this: Who pays for the damages if someone that has no license or insurance hits your car? The answer is different for medical expenses and physical damage to your car. Medical expenses can be paid by your insurance company if you have "uninsured/underinsured" coverage. This type of coverage is usually very inexpensive and I recommend everyone has it. Literally a few dollars per year. For property damage, you can sue the person, or your insurance can pay for it if you have full coverage (comprehensive/collision) insurance. Then it becomes their problem if they want to sue the person or not to get their money back.

Will homeowners insurance pay to replace worn out windows?

Normal wear and tear is not considered sudden or catastrophic. Homeowners Insurance does not provide coverage for home upgrade or maintenance expenses.

Does insurance cover the car or the driver?

Both. It covers the medical expenses of the passengers and the cost of repair to the cars. That is assuming you have full coverage.

You broke your ankle walking down your neighbors stairs. What does their homeowners insurance cover?

They would pay up to the limit of the Medical Expeses coverage for medical bills only. This coverage reimburses you for expenses that your personal healh insurance does not cover, i.e, deductible, co-pays.

What is uninsured insurance?

In auto insurance, 'uninsured insurance' refers to a type of coverage for accidents caused by a motorist without insurance or hit-and-run accidents in which the driver who caused the wreck cannot be identified. In other words, your insurance may cover the cost of damage to your car, medical expenses, and other expenses.

Can you claim comprehensive insurance after two days of the accident?

No, you can not. The only way any additional coverage is effective if purchased before an accident. This means, you're stuck with all expenses if you don't have "comprehensive" coverage.

What is business income extra expense insurance?

Coverage for loss of income and extra expenses necessary to continue operating following a covered loss.