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Crescent Fire Arms made these before 1920 and J. Stevens later. Other markings could determine which company made yours, but the factory batch number won't help.

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Can you determine the age of a Knickerbocker shotgun that is marked with the number 209674?

Not really. There were several companies that used Knickerbocker- most were made by Crescent Arms btween late 1800s and about 1930. Your MAY be from around the end of that time, but records are spotty on the "store brand" guns.

Browning shotgun with serial number l13pm09061 can you tell me what kind of shotgun this is?

It will be marked on the receiver. It was made in 1980

How can you determine the age of a Winchester shotgun from the serial number?

Go to

How do you determine the year a browning shotgun was made?

By the serial number and features.

How can you determine the age of your belgium made browning shotgun?

By the serial number.

When and were was a Browning 12 Gauge Shotgun with Serial Number 324935 made?

Where will be marked on the barrel/receiver.

How do you determine who made your western field shotgun?

You will need to list the model number of your western Field shotgun,and then I can cross reference the model number to the maker of your shotgun.

What is the sheel length for a browning twelve gauge shotgun serial number 6868?

Should be marked on the barrel

How do you find the specific model of a Western Field shotgun when you don't see it marked on the firearm anywhwere but the serial number is 22106XG?

It is marked on either the receiver or the barrel.

How do you determine the age of a model 1897 Winchester 12 gauge shotgun?

By the serial number

How do you determine age of browning sweet 16?

The age of your shotgun is determined by the serial number that was assigned to it.if you wish to include this number in the form of a question we will be able to age your shotgun for you?

Double barrel shotgun American Gun Co Knickerbocker model Where can you find info on it and what would the approx value be It has a 5 digit serial number?

no it has a 4 digit serial # Knickerbocker came from 2 different companies. The American Gun Company, New York, stamped a five digit serial number on the barrel, forestock and stock end.

Did Stevens make a model 337 shotgun?

All my records indicate that stevens did not make a model 337 shotgun.If your stevens shotgun is marked U337 under the receiver,this would be a serial number,not a model number.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Sterlingworth double barrel shotgun serial A36555?

Exactly how is the shotgun marked (all markings), and double-check the serial number.

What model marlin pump shotgun has the serial number 172543?

It is almost impossible to determine what a model number is based only on the serial number.

Where can i find the model number on a single shot 12 gage Remington shotgun patented in 1903?

Not marked, Model 9

What year was your Winchester model 12 shotgun mfg?

This can be only determined by you providing the serial number to the shotgun in question.This is the only way to determine the year of manufacture of your Winchester model 12 shotgun.

How do you determine what year your Winchester 12-gauge pump shotgun was made?

Your Winchester,s shotgun can be aged by the serial number on it.You may post the number on this sight and I can determine what year it was made,or post it to me and I will get right back with you on what year your Model 12 was manufactured.

How old is a savage shotgun simply marked savage automatic?

There should be a manufacturer's serial number somewhere. Unless the serial number has been deliberately erased!

What is the age of a 410 Ranger Model 56152 shotgun?

That is not the model number, but the Ranger marked shotguns were sold by Sears before WW2.

How do you determine the last digit in any measured number?

Read the numerical value of the marked line. Finally you estimate between the smallest marked lines. The estimated value is the final digit in a measures number.

Was the Stevens 16 gauge shotgun model 77B serialized and if so where on the gun is it marked?

If made before midnight, December 31, 1968, it will not have a serial number. If made later, it will be clearly marked on the receiver.

What is the value of a 1895 sterling 410 side by side shotgun?

To determine the exact value of a 1895 Sterling 410 side by side shotgun, a number of factors would need to be considered. Most importantly, the condition of the shotgun.

Knickerbocker shot gun serial number jd483?

No published data.

What is the value of a double barrel 16gage?

In order to answer your question correctly,I would need the maker of the shotgun,model number or name,and the serial number to determine the correct answer.