Can you die from eating dog feces?

Feces are just what is left over after an animal digests its food. It's not the feces themselves that could kill you or make you sick but the bacteria that quickly grow in feces. If you get infected with bacteria and you are not treated, you could die. The same is true of getting infected by bacteria from other sources. Dogs sometimes eat feces (they like cat feces, probably because the cat's food has a lot of protein in it) but they don't get sick so easily, because they have antibacterial substances in their digestive system. Humans don't have such protection. So it's not advisable to eat dog feces, even if you wouldn't die from it.

Your question reminds me of the late actor and drag queen Divine. He put dog feces in his mouth in one of his movies, Pink Flamingos. He did not die, but he described it as one of the most humiliating and terrible experiences he ever went through. He realized how low his self-esteem had sunk that he allowed himself to do this.