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ANY infection needs to be treated immediately with antibiotics, as you could become VERY sick if the infection enters your bloodstream. If you get "blood poisoning" and it goes untreated you could possibly die.

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Q: Can you die if an abscessed tooth busts open?
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Could an infected tooth that is not abscessed but needs a root canal kill you if not treated quickly?

It is unlikely that you will die from an infected tooth. If it abscesses, you may wish you were dead. Having said that, yes it is extremely remotely possible that you could die from an untreated infected tooth.

Can you die from a tooth abscess?

Yes you can die from an abscessed tooth. If you have Ludwig's angina, which affects parts of the face and the lower jaw. It usually occurs in adults suffering from a tooth abscess that was never treated. The danger is that it can grow enough to block the airways of the patient who's suffering from it, and cause suffocation leading to death.

What happens if a toads throat busts?

The toad will die immediately.

Is the pus from an abscessed tooth harmful if ingested?

Pus is toxic, so yeah. You won't die from it necessarily (*I am not a doctor*) but it CAN make you sick. Think of when you have a sinus infection or post nasal drip. Usually that is ingested and can make you sick as well. ~ T

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How does a tooth die?

A tooth can die do to dental diseases. They also can die from lack of proper care and preventatives.

Can You Die From Tooth Decay?

You will not die from tooth decay, but you can die of complications such as an infection that goes to the brain or heart.

Can you die of boils?

It is possible to die from a boil but it is unlikely. If a boil is left untreated or becomes extremely abscessed, it can develop severe complications and/or infections.

When did Arthur Tooth die?

Arthur Tooth died in 1931.

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Do your teeth fall out when you die?

does you die when you lose a tooth

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