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If adjustable, otherwise replace.

Hyundai vehicles use a hydraulic clutch set up which are not adjustable. When replacing the clutch do not machine the flywheel; this changes the clearances and will cause clutch engagement issues. Inspect flywheel for cracks or heat related damage, if none sand using 3M sanding disk or equivlent, if there is damage replace flywheel. Note: I believe the torque specs on the pressure plate are 12-16 ft-lbs.

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Q: Can you do a clutch repair on a Hyundai Accent?
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How do you do a clutch adjustment on a 1999 Hyundai accent?

A 1999 Hyundai Accent does not have a clutch adjustment. The clutch pedal however, can be adjusted to a different height.

What is the cost to replace a clutch on a Hyundai Accent stick shift?

I have been told by Hyundai services that it would cost me $950 to replace the clutch of my 2000 Hyundai accent. I think this is a reasonable price.

How do you replace clutch fork on a 2000 Hyundai Accent?


How do you repair a visor in 2002 Hyundai Accent?

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Where can you find a Hyundai accent repair manual?

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How do you replace a clutch Slave cylinder on a 2001 Hyundai Accent?

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Where is the Hyundai accent clutch switch?

The clutch switch is right under the dash board under the clutch it is a long tubular looking switch that pushes in and out

How do you repair a door handle on a 2002 Hyundai Accent?

Take it to a dealer

What kind of fluid do you need to bleed clutch on 2000 Hyundai accent?

DOT 3 brake fluid.

How do you change wheel bearing on a Hyundai accent?

It is not recommended that you replace the wheel bearings on your Hyundai Accent by yourself. Rather you should take the vehicle to a repair shop or to the dealer where you bought the vehicle for servicing.

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Hyundai Accent was created in 1994.

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Identify the fault/problem. Repair or replace

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There is a reservoir on the clutch master cylinder, mounted to the firewall toward the driver side. It's got a black cap.

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The 2013 Hyundai Accent has 16 valves.

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