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Can you do it - yes. SHOULD you do it - NO. Because brass and galvanized conduit have different electrochemical potentials (go talk to a chemistry teacher if you need an explanation of electrochemical potential) if you place them in direct contact with each other, you will set up a galvanic differential and promote corrosion. If you must connect brass and galvanized conduit, you should use a connector between the two that will isolate them electrically from each other. In essence, you are "insulating" them from each other so that you don't get an electric current between them to promote corrosion. There are special fittings, I believe they are referred to as "dielectric fittings" that are designed to provide this insulation and avoid the problem of galvanic corrosion. The more corrosive the liquid you have in the pipes, the more important it is to use these special fittings. Hard or salty water can particularly problematic.

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Q: Can you do brass to galvanized conduit connection?
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What is the imc wiring method?

intermediate galvanized conduit

What is imc wiring method?

intermediate galvanized conduit

What is galvanized conduit coated with?

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Can you use brass and galvanized pipe for a gas line?


What is Galvanized rigid conduit is coated with?

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Is it okay to connect copper pipe to brass to galvanized to brass and back to copper or will it cause a reaction that will corrode the pipes?

If you do connect copper pipe to galvanized pipe, you will need a dielectric coupling or else the galvanized pipe will corrode. Same with connecting galvanized pipe to brass fittings. Brass is an alloy that contains copper and therefore the same electrolytic properties will exist unless a dielectric coupling is used. Hope that helps you out.

Can you connect copper to galvanized by using a bronze fitting?

Yes! The best copper-to-galvanized connection is made using a brass nipple in between the two dissimilar metals. The nipple should be a minimum of 2 1/2" long (preferably six inches long). Bronze is an alloy (copper + tin). Brass is an alloy (copper + zinc).

How do you remove a brass fitting from a galvanized fitting?

Two pipe wrenches. One to hold the galvanized from turning and one to turn the brass fitting. Pull on one and push on the other and it should come out.

Which metal is used to make water pipes in houses?

Copper, Brass, Yellow Brass , Red Brass, Galvainzed steel, Galvanized wrought , Yalloy

What is it called when 2 pipes are joined?

Electrolytic action and if the galvanized is connected to Yellow Brass as opposed to Red Brass you have dezincification

Can brass be galvanized?

IT IS PART Galvanized don't you knowGalvanized is ZINC coating on black steel and YELLOW BRASS piping is 40% ZINC and 60% Copper and RED BRASS is 85% Copper and 15% Zinc=The problem with TOO much Zinc content is dezincification where the piping becomes brittle and to little zinc and the brass is too soft as the higher copper content.==Mixing Galvanized steel and brass or copper causes a condition of electrolytic action as your mixing ferrous metals and non ferrous metals. ( this is first year apprentice training) to prevent the electrolysis one should use a dielectric fitting=

Can you use conduit for water lines?

No. The fittings are not water-tight and the pipe will corrode. Use copper, PVC, CPVC, or PEX.Most plastics are toxicUse copper type K, L or copper TP Red Brass, Galvanized wrought or Yalloy, or Durham, Muntz metal ,corporation pipe class 22