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If you do connect copper pipe to galvanized pipe, you will need a dielectric coupling or else the galvanized pipe will corrode. Same with connecting galvanized pipe to brass fittings. Brass is an alloy that contains copper and therefore the same electrolytic properties will exist unless a dielectric coupling is used. Hope that helps you out.

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Can you connect copper to galvanized using only a bronze fitting?

There are copper fittings that will connect to galvanized.

Can you connect galvanized pipe and copper?

Yes. Use a threaded fitting, male or female as needed on the copper and screw the galvanized into it.You must use a dielectric fitting to connect copper to galvanized pipe. If you don't, a galvanic reaction will occur and the piping will corrode and leak. You can use a Dielectric Union or a Threaded Brass fitting to join the two types of piping together.UNIONS can leak the best answer would have been a dielectric nipple

Can I connect brass to galvanized steel pipe?

Not with out an dielectric fitting to prevent electrolytic action from taking place or dezincification of the brass if it is yellow brass ( 60% copper 40% zinc ) Red Brass 85 % copper /15% Zinc will corrode the galvanized piping

What makes copper corrode?

usually copper corrodes from a chemical process known as "galvanic reaction". This is caused when copper is touching dissimilar metal such as steel or galvanized. a di-electric union is used to prevent this. further questions Jeff at

What will copper sulfate do to your pool?

Addition of copper sulfate will poison your algae. It will also corrode any brass or zinc (galvanized) that it comes in contact with.

How do you connect copper pipe to galvanized pipe underground?

Galvanized piping should NEVER be installed under ground UNLESS well insualted

What is it called when you connect copper pipe to galvanized pipe?

Electrolytic action and if the galvanized is connected to Yellow Brass as opposed to Red Brass you have dezincification

Can a 2.5 galvanized dielectric union be used to connect black pipe to copper pipe?


What chemical reactions will happen if you connect galvinized copper and brass metal pipes?

There is no chemical reaction that will happen if galvanized pipes are connected to copper pipes via a brass intermediary. The reason is that brass does not react to either copper or zinc, the mineral used to galvanize metal pipes.

Can bronze fittings be connected to galvanized pipe?

yes. Copper to Galvanized must have a dielectric fitting to avoid a galvanic reaction causing corrosion and eventual leaks.

Does copper corrode?

yes a copper penny can corrode but it takes a long time for it to do so

What fitting is required to join copper with galvanized pipe?

A threaded copper fitting on the copper side, male or female, and the galvanized is screwed into it.

Why do copper pipes carry hot water corrode faster than pipes that carry cold water?

Heat speeds up chemical reactions. As corrosion is a chemical reaction, copper pipes at a higher temperature will corrode faster

Why should you not replace a section of galvanized iron pipe with copper pipe when doing plumbing repairs?

Because you will then get a 'galvanic reaction'.

If steel and copper were in contact in an electrolyte which would corrode?

Steel will corrode as the iron in it is more reactive than copper.

Will sulfuric acid corrode copper?

Concentrated sulfuric acid might, but dilute sulfuric acid does not corrode copper.

Can you connect copper to galvanized by using a bronze fitting?

Yes! The best copper-to-galvanized connection is made using a brass nipple in between the two dissimilar metals. The nipple should be a minimum of 2 1/2" long (preferably six inches long). Bronze is an alloy (copper + tin). Brass is an alloy (copper + zinc).

What makes copper not rust?

"Rust" is the result of a reaction between iron and oxygen. Copper has no iron in it, so does not rust. It can corrode, though, and yield a bright whitish-blue material.

I had a water heater installed and the guy used a galvanized elbow at the top of the heater to connect the copper flex hoses is this proper?

No its not.. this is a cheap way of doing it... You'll need to watch the galvanized pipe as it'll begin to rust and eventually leak due to the heat... The best is to use copper...

Does copper corrode in salt water?


Will methane gas corrode copper wire?


Will hydrochloric acid corrode copper pipe?


How can you say copper corrode?

elements and compound

Does copper react in sea water?

Copper will slowly corrode in sea water.

What diameter copper pipe should you use to connect with 1 galvanized radiator pipe I've been advised to reduce to a three-quarter inch copper pipe.?

If you had been advised why ask again?