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Check inside your homeowners policy. Some companies let you and others will get really annoyed with you and possibly cancel your policy. When you first made the claim you must have gotten estimate for how much the work will cost and that's how they come up with the amount to give you in a check. Now if you go and do the work your self at half the cost then you make out on the deal and I don't know any insurance company that likes that . I would err on the side of caution on this one and look in the policy and or call them and honestly ask.

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Do I have to use a licensed contractor to make repairs on my home if their is a mortgage?

Yes and No. No you don't need a licensed contractor if you are only doing minor repairs like painting a room or putting in new carpet you don't need a licensed contractor to make the repairs.

Does home owners insurance cover required city permits due to damages to the home?

Your insurance will pay the contractor. The contractor gets the required permits. The contractor will have already factored in the cost of any permits needed to make your repairs into his bid for the job.

How do you get your mortgage company to endorse an insurance check if your house?

By providing them with proof that you have already made all repairs.

What is an insurance company's contractor of record?

There is no such thing. In the United States the insured has the right to hire whomever they want to effect the repairs.

There is insurance money for home repairs being held by the mortgage company what happens to this money during a foreclosure?

I really recommend calling your mortgage company to ask.

Can you do the home repairs yourself and get paid by homeowners insurance?

Just contact your Home Insurance Company and ask them about it. Many companies are fine with this for small claims or minor repairs.

Can you refuse to have an insurance company carry out repairs to your van and do them yourself after an rta?

after an insurance company is involed after a road traffic accident can i refuse thier offer and do the repairs myself

Can a homeowners insurance company force you to use their contractor for repairs?

No, an insurance company cannot force you to use their own contractor unless they invoke their option to repair pursuant to the policy. Take a look at your policy and ask the company if they are invoking their option to repair. If not, you are free to use your own contractor.

Insurance paid for water damage Check payable to us and PHH. How does PHH endorse check so we can begin repairs?

I assume PHH is your Mortgage company. They will not endorse the check until the work is done. If they endorse it you could spend the money and never have the repairs done. The way to fix this issue is to have the insurance company make out the check to you and the contractor of your choice and you. This guarantees the work is done and protects the mortgagee. There are several laws demanding protection for banks and mortgagees in these cases so the insurance carrier has to be sure the work is done. Another alternative is to pay for it yourself, provide proof of the repairs and proof you paid, then PHH will endorse the check to you afterward.

can i be sued for not letting a contractor do the job after a insurance settlement. there is no signed contract, but he said because he came out when the adjusters made their final evaluations of my home, but there was also another contractor present also?

If you filed an insurance claim on the claim that you would use the money to make repairs and then don't do the repairs, this could be considered fraud. If that was important to the insurance company, they would not have issued the check in your name only.

Do i have to use an insurance payout to repair damage when i am going to sell the house and have reflected it in the price?

If you own the home free and clear then no,, you do not have to make repairs. If you still have a mortgage on the home then yes, the terms of your mortgage contract require you make the repairs regardless of whether the home is for sale or not. When there is a mortgage involved, the decision to repair or not is our of your hands. it's up to the mortgage company.

If an insurance company writes a check for you and your contractor and you decide not to do the repairs do you have to get another check written or can the contractor sign the check over?

Do the work, the claim is going to count against you now that a check was issued. You should not have filed if you did not intend to do the work.

Do you need to contact your insurance if someone hit your parked car?

Yes, alternatively you could pay for the repairs yourself.

Can you keep house insurance money instead of fixing a damaged floor?

Its your $$$ now !!! you can do with it what you want. * If the home is not still under a mortgage contract the homeowner is not obligated to use insurance funds for repairs of the property. However, if repairs are not done the insurance provider can refuse any claim if the flooring or adjoining structure is damaged further. If the home is still mortgaged repairs must be made as the lender would have to sign the insurance check as well as the homeowner/borrower. All mortgage contracts stipulate that the property must be kept in the same or better condition as it was when the property was purchased and lending agreement made. You could BUT that would be called insurance fraud... Lis@

Can you request the insurance company to write the check to you instead of the body shop?

Sure, you can request it, but they won't do it unless you are capable of doing the repairs yourself, and then they will give you the check AFTER the repairs are made.

Can a homeowner hire a unlicensed person to do repairs on a rental property after a tenant vacates even if in the end the work totals more than 500?

You can hire whomever you want to effect your repairs. Bear in mind though that an unlicensed contractor is probably also an uninsured contractor and your home insurance company will not provide coverage for the contractors work.

If you receive a check from insurance company to replace roof can you do the repairs yourself?

It is a question of honesty..... If you told the insurance company you were going to do it yourself and their check is for materials and some of your time then this would be OK. However, if your claim quote was for a builder to make the repairs, then their check is for this work and you should tell the insurance company that you intend to do the work yourself or you will be defrauding them. You must also remember that if you do the work yourself and the roof is damaged again they will probably refuse to pay (unless you are a qualified builder) on the basis that your initial repairs may have been inadequate. The fact that you asked this question indicates that you are basically an honest person - stick with the honesty and don't try and make money out of an insurance claim - it is not what insurance is for.

Will mortgage companies aid home owners when insurance company rejects claim after sewer collapse?

NO. The mortgage company does not warranty the purchased home. However, If you have acquired equity in the home you might be able to take an additional loan (second mortgage) on the equity to effect you repairs.

Are mortgage company required by law to release all of the insurance fund?

After you suffer a loss to your building, the insurance company will send the settlement check to your mortgage company, because they technically own your home. With that said, they want proof that the repairs are going to be done. Some mortgage companies will turn the funds over to you with a written estimate, while others may deliver partial funds to you as repairs are completed. They are required to release the funds to you because you own the insurance policy, not them. If you are having trouble getting the funds released, communicate the situation with your adjuster for advice. A good insurance adjuster may communicate with the mortgage company to assist you. See the attached link for details on settling a loss.

Who is responsible for the home repairs when in a reverse mortgage?

The home owner is responsible for repairs to the property. Depending on the amount available under the reverse mortgage, funds from the reverse loan may be available to make those repairs.

Is it worth hiring someone to do kitchen repairs for me?

To find someone to do kitchen repairs I would call a local contractor.

If hired by attorneys to inspect property damage in insurance claim cases can the general contractor get the job to do the repairs?

Some companies require bids. If you are licensed, insured & bonded..go for it.

Can you sue your own homeowners insurance if they don't repair your house properly after a water leak?

Your insurer paid the bill presented by your chosen contractor who made the repairs you requested. That was all they were required to do. So, you could probably sue, but you probably could not win. If your repairs were performed substandard, your claim is against the contractor who did the shoddy work or your contractors insurer, not the insurance company who already paid the bill. The insurer is not responsible for the quality of contractor an insured hires nor are they liable for the poor quality of that contractors work. The insurer can not be made to pay twice for the same repairs. This is why it's important that you hire a reputable contractor and verify they are adequately licensed and insured (get a copy) before allowing any work to begin on your home.

can you do home repairs yourself?

can i do home repairs myself

Are condo associations hiring repairs required to carry workmans comp insurance?

Your state law will determine how much liability the association is required to carry, depending on whether you are an employee or a contractor.