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Yes, iTunes can be used to download Music Videos or any videos for that matter.

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Where can you download music videos free?

Free music is a channel for free using and download

Where can one download Garth Brooks songs?

One can download Garth Brooks songs by using iTunes. iTunes offers a number of Garth Brooks' products for sale, such as songs, albums, and music videos.

Can you download music on an ipod touch?

As with any iPod, you can download the music using iTunes on your computer, and sync it to iPod touch. Since the iPod touch has built-in free wifi, you can use the iTunes Wi-Fi music store to download and purchase music, videos, TV shows, Podcasts, Apps and iTunes U content on the go. Just choose the App Store or iTunes from the iPod touch homescreen.

Can you download music onto an iPhone without using a computer?

Yes, you can use the iTunes app on the iPhone to download music.

Can you download iTunes to a android tablet?

No I Dont think you can download iTunes to an android tablet because iTunes is made by Apple? But if you want to download music onto your tablet you can plug into a laptop/computer using a usb. Download some music from the internet or using youtube converter, Copy and paste it in to your music file of your tablet. Safely unplug your usb and there should be music in your audio player.

What can you install to download music safely?

You can download iTunes if you want to buy your music. Great program... Or you can torrent your music using something like Vuze.

Is there a way to download music in the apple ipod from the computer without using itunes?

To upoad to the ipod, yes, but you can retrieve music from anywhere to place on itunes.

Can you download music for your ipod nano using LimeWire?

Yes you can. After you download the music just hit explore and send it to itunes and it will apear on your itun music list.

How do you download songs on to your ipod using LimeWire?

download the song from limwire and from there drag it to itunes. To drag it make sure the limewire window appears in front of itunes and drag to your itunes music library.

Download music videos?

You can use a video downloader tool to download music videos. For my downloads, I am using VideoPower RED. I always prefer this downloader because I love to download videos by batch. I did a quick google for your reference. I hope this helps.

How do you download songs to an ipod using limwire?

you need to get itunes and then copy the songs from the limewire folder or where ever you have the music into itunes library

What is the safest way to download music?

The safest way to download music is using a subscription service. You can use iTunes or iHeart Radio to purchase the music you would like to hear.

Where to download anime for a iPod Touch?

You can find animes such as Inuyasha on iTunes. If you can't find what you want, download and convert videos from youtube using Zamzar.

How do you get music on a tablet?

If you're using an iPad, use the iTunes app. If you're using an Android tablet, download "free music download" from Google Play to get music. If you're using a Windows tablet, use the Windows Marketplace & go to the "Music" section.

How do you put free msic on an iPod without using iTunes?

u just download a song...then u go to itunes and then click the files up and drag ur music to itunes

Where can you legally download free WWE theme music?

== == You cannot get these songs for free, try using iTunes. First you download iTunes and get an account. Each song is 99cents.

How can you download music from your computer to your ipod touch?

there are lots of way of downloading music to your ipod using itunes and others. But for me, i download some musics in a website called

How do you work an ipod touch?

First off, you will need an iTunes account. After that, let it charge for about 10-15 minutes or so, then unplug the USB for your iPod Touch. Then, using iTunes, you can download Applications, Movies, Videos, Podcasts, of course Music, and alot more.

What is the best site to download music to an iphone?

Downloading music off the internet is illegal, so using iTunes is the best way of downloading music.

Can you download music into a folder?

The answer depends on the software you are using download the music. If you are using a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, you should be asked to specify where you want to save the file when you try to download it. If you're using a program such as iTunes, and you are downloading from the iTunes Store then you won't be given a choice where to save the purchased file, however you can still open the iTunes directory and move the files around manually if you like.

What is the best website to download music videos?

if u r usng cell go and if u r using comp go and download youtube videos

Can you download iTunes to your iPhone 4S without using a PC?

Yes you can there is an icon that says iTunes u click on it then it brings up music you go down where it says redeem and you click on iTunes account and then u are set to get music from there

How can you download music onto CD?

I burn CD from Spotify. I always download music from Spotify to MP3 by using Tunelf Spotify Music Converter then using iTunes to burn Spotify Music to CD.

Can you download music to an ipodtouch using media player?

no you cant. Media player uses a different format than iTunes. You pretty much have to use iTunes to convert and move music around.

How do you download music on YouTube?

You can try NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader. It is a free tool to help you download music and video from YouTube.