Can you download pictures to a tv screen from a disposal digital camera -- I have an event where I want users to take pics and then hand over camera so we can project pics to flat panel TVs at event?

It would depend on the camera and the TV. Some TVs now have usb ports in the side and also spots for memory cards. If you are looking for a TV for the event, try looking for anything advertising USB ports (they are often beside a DVD player!) or even finding a DVD player (eg DGTEC at Dick Smith for $59 on 8/7/10) with card reader and USB on the front too. I can't answer how you get the photos off a disposable digital camera though, because I have only seen film disposables... but if your guests will part with their cards for a minute to a geek with a card reader and computer in the corner, you could have all their photos stored on a hard drive/ memory stick and on the TVs in no time with a WDTV too!