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Yes. You need to get insurance binder on the new car. you can get this from insurance agent by providing your personal details and VIN number of the car you are buying.

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Q: Can you drive a new car with temporary plate?
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Can you drive your new car without a license plate?


When purchasing a new car how long can you drive it without the license plates?

It depends on your area. Most places will require you to get a temporary plate within 48 hours of the new purchase.

Can you drive a new car home without registration?

No. But the dealer has, or can get you, a temporary registration.

If you buy a car in Wisconsin and immediately drive it to Ohio where you live do you need to get temporary tags in Ohio or Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has a very easy system. Out of state buyers can buy a temporary plate good for 30 days for a low price. You can also transfer out of state plates to your new car immediately.

Can You drive a new car with no plates to Mexico?

Yes, you can drive a new car home without license plates in New Mexico within 30 days with the 30-day temporary tag or license plate. If you buy the car out of state, you require insurance coverage and tile of the car If u are wondering how i know this i study i donΒ΄t cheat if u study u will know

Can you get a temporary licence plate from new york to transport a car purchased in new jersey home?

It's not a Temporary Tag you want. What you need is an In-Transit tag. You can use this to go from NY to Jersey.

When you buy a new car can you go to another state with it?

Yes, you can if you are traveling. That is why you are given a temporary license plate. If you are not traveling, but buying a vehicle in another state & bringing it home, yourself i.e. driving it home; it will have a temporary plate. The temporary license plate must & always is registered to the owner of the vehicle. The registration include's their name, city, state, zipcode, car vin, etc. Anyone should be fine, as long as they have a valid temporary license plate, driver's license & insurance.

Can you drive your new car without a license plate in Ohio?

No. For any new car purchased from a dealer (new/used) you must display a tag that is usually good for 30 days until you are able to get a license plate.

Is it legal to drive a newly purchased vehicle with an old license plates?

Most likely no because your licnese plate is registered to your old car that's why you have to register a new plate with your new car's information.

Can you drive with one license plate?

It all depends by what state you are in.For example, if you brought your car in a state like New York, you would have to drive with 2 license plates. If in a state like Pennsylvania, then you can drive with 1 licence plate.

Where can I get new jersey temporary car insurance?

You can get New Jersey temporary car insurance by checking with local car insurance companies such as Triple A and Geico. Shop around to get the best rates.

How do you run in a new car?

Drive carefully with your new car.

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