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The Activa scooter and the Citroen Activa concept car both require a valid drivers license in order to be driven on a public street or highway.


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No, in America they can not. You cannot ever legally drive without a license in America.

What can I drive in Colorado without a lience

You will get a ticket if you drive without your License in your possession.

No! It is illegal to drive a car without a licence.

You will end up without a do not try it

The only two ways I know you can drive without a driver's license is with a learner's permit or illegally.

Of course! You don't need a license to drive a scooter.

Yes of course. Answer: In most countries it is illegal to drive without a driving license.

You cannot drive without a license at all it is completley illegal under all cercumstances

Can you drive a 50 cc scooter in Texas without a drivers license

Yes, you can drive a car without a drivers license but unless you in driver's training it's illegal

You do not have a license, it has been suspended. You cannot drive anywhere without one.

it is possible that they know HOW to drive a car, but they cannot get a license until they are 16, should they drive without a license there will be a huge fine because it is highly illegal to drive without a license and insurance.

It is not legal to drive without a driver's license. Drivers are expected to carry their license with them whenever they are using their car or truck.

Yes, you must have your driver's license with you when you drive. Or you could get a ticket. ooooh

Depends on WHERE you want to drive. In most places, you have to have (or be training for a) license to drive on public roads. But it's usually OK to drive on private property without a license.

No, if it is motorized, you need a license.

You can drive without the license but if you get stopped by an officer he may cite you for it. But he can check of you have a valid license and if you don't the car could be impounded.

It is illegal to drive without a license anywhere in the US. If you are caught driving without a license the penalty may range from an on-the-spot fine to imprisonment.

I do not believe it is a felony to drive without a license, however, you certainly could be ticketed.

A licence (or license) ALLOWS you to drive a car. It does not REQUIRE you to drive a car.

Massachusetts doesn't have license restrictions on scooters.

You need a permit or driver's license, but do not need a motorcycle license.

In order to drive any motor vehicle a person must obtain a state issued drivers license. Without a license a person should not drive a motor vehicle.

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