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I don't know for sure about California, but in my state and all states I know of, you are required to have a licensed driver with you when you only have a learners permit and cannot drive alone. Take a look at the permit, driver's manual, or call your local DMV.

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It would be fun but.... no dont do it

When I got my permit I took a drivers Ed class that was provided at my school. Then when I was through with that I went to the DMV and took the computerized test. When I finally passed that my 2nd time they gave me my learners Permit.

Yes you can but you need a learners permit and an adult to drive beside you

yes most people do and you also get a learners permit that allows you to drive with someone who has a licence and then you go take the driving test but to get a learners permit you just need to take a test like you take in school

It depends on the state you're in. For instance, in California, you must have a learners permit and or drivers license to drive in or on any roadway or parking lot which is "accessible" by the public. This includes parking lots which may otherwise "seem" private, such as a church parking lot or a school parking lot.

Fortunately, yes. They must have at least a Class D license; a Class CP is only a permit. If the 16 year old is caught, he may be prohibited from driving for up to ten years and fined, along with the parent of the person. In California, it is legal to drive to school at 16 with a permit if Mom or Dad (or and California-licensed driver over 25) is sitting next to you. Driving alone to school is NOT permitted on a permit.

yes, because my cousin lives there and when i went to visit him, he ditched me for school on his rusty car.

You must have had your learners permit for 6 months and you must have taken a drivers ed class and passed.

Absolutley not. You must have a licensed driver 25 years or older with you at all times when your driving, until you get your license.

Probably not, although some states have what are known as "school permits" that allow you to do that. You better check for sure or you could lose your permit if you get picked up and are doing something illegal.

The price of the learners permit isn't much different, but automobile insurance is a lot cheaper with good grades.

no but sometimes your insurance will be cheaper if you do. but it will depend also on what state you live in

That depends on the state. Contact your local DMV (check the phone book or online) and ask.

No the purpose of a learner's permit is giving you legal standing to drive a car with a licensed driver until you obtain your license after passing the driving exam at 16.

Ask your school guidance counselor for a practice learners permit test. They will often have other suggestions to help you in your search. I have also gone to the Motor Vehicle Department website and found sample tests that helped reduce my fear significantly.

The minimum age to get a learner's driving permit in Manitoba is 16 years, or 15 years, 6 months if you are enrolled in a high school driver training course.

With just a permit, you must have a licensed driver in the car with you at all times.

Yes. You do not need driver's school if you are over 18 years old. At 18 and beyond, you can automatically take a driver's test to obtain a license.

Not in California. Check your local motor vehicle department for that one.

Check with your school. That's where you got them when I was your age.

Certified programs can help the student persue this goal. However, the student, regardless of how they perform online, must pass a written test at the local DMV to complete the requirements.

To the end of your driveway. With a restricted license, there is no limit on the distance, but your destination must be to school or work and back home. You have to have a licensed driver with you (usually 5 years of experience in some states) when using a Learners permit on public roads no matter how old you are. You both then could drive across the US if you wanted.

I live in California and you just have to be 16 and have a workers permit from the school.

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