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Q: Can you eat 2 apples and a glass skim milk in the night to lose weight?
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How does smelling bananas or green apples help you to lose weight?

If only it were so easy. Smelling bananas or green apples does not help you to lose weight.

Can you lose weight by eating just apples?

no mate

How can you lose weight in a night?

You cant

Which fruitmakes you losr weight faster?

Apples are examples of fruits that make you lose weight faster

Does apple help you lose weight?

Eating a balanced diet full of fruits (like apples) and vegetables and exercising will help you lose weight.

Do apples help you lose weight?

Apples wont make you lose weight, but if your trying to lose weight, eating apples instead of high calorie foods would help quite alot because apples are loaded with fiber and water, which will help you feel full without giving you extra calories. Just for your info; One medium size apple contains roughly 71 calories.

How do you lose weight in one night?

Diuretics can be used to lose a small amount of water weight overnight.

Does smelling apples and bananas help lose weight?

No. There is noting you can smell that will help you lose weight, except possibly something so disgusting it kills your appetite.

If you dont snack at night for a month will you lose weight?


How do you lose weight over night for wrestling?

stop eating

How good is apple for people who wants to lose weight?

Well apples are fairly healthy, but don't expect them to be a miracle weight loss food

How do you lose 20 pounds in one night?

There is no healthy way to lose 20 pounds in one night. The only way one can lose weight so quickly is by having surgery.

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