Can you excersise without losing your bust?

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everyone loses weight differently, and with certain diets or workouts, we can target a specific area somewhat. weights build muscle--like those UNDER the bustline....and a moderate diet will cause an overall weight loss--including the bust area. I have a friend who cannot lose weight in her bust, no matter what...she'd like to also. others have lost weight in the bust FIRST, and cannot seem to ever lose their butts.
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How can you lose weight from your stomach while keeping your bust?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nDo lots of sit-ups and crunches\n. \n. \nOkay no. All that will do is build up your layer of muscle. Your stomach goes... Muscle, fat, and then skin so by doing crunches and sit ups all it does is make your abs bigger. Not burn fat. By doing this u will ultimatly end ( Full Answer )

How can you lose weight without exercise?

Even if you are unable to exercise, you can change your eatinghabits and lose weight in a healthy way. With proper eating habits and control, losing weight withoutexercise could be easy. But, unfortunately, it doesn't work foreverybody. The body needs a chemical breakdown to release all ofthe harmf ( Full Answer )

How do you get toned without losing weight?

To become toned without losing weight you need to use small weights and high reps. Even better, do lots of sit-ups and abdominal holds which are extremely painful. If you use large and heavy weights you will decrease your weight and your muscles will become tired and weak.

Can I lose weight without exercise?

It depends how overweight you are and how much improvement can bemade in your diet. If you're eating 10,000 calories and you cutdown to 2,000 calories, you'll lose some weight, for sure. And youcan improve your health a lot by eating healthy, but withoutexercise you'll never be in good shape, and yo ( Full Answer )

Can you lose weight without running?

Of course you can lose weight without running. You lose with a combination of diet and exercise. It does not matter what kind of exercise you do, though some might be better than others.

How do you lose weight in the bust?

Sorry, but you cannot "spot reduce". Fat is lost proportionally through the entire body, all at once. You can strengthen the chest muscles and that will help support the breasts better, but will probably make them a bit bigger in the process. The only way to lose size in the bust is to just lose wei ( Full Answer )

What is a Bust?

a bust is part of the chest area. It can also refer to a sculpture of the head and shoulders of a person.

How can you lose your virginity without pains?

Everyone is different when it comes to this - some people have no pain when losing their virginity, whereas others wince in pain. The best way to reduce the pain as much as possible is to be sure you are comfortable, relaxed and you trust your partner. also make sure you are excited enough and use l ( Full Answer )

Anorexic without losing weight?

\nImpossible, actually. Once you're anorexic you are going to keep losing weight, until you are the most anorexic you can be, and then you'll eventually die. Why would you want to be anorexic without losing weight? Isn't that the whole POINT of anorexia?

How can i lose weight without pills?

The science behind losing weight is exerting more energy than you take in so you need to eat foods with less energy than you are burning by exercising and generally living. Keep a watch of how much energy (kilojoules/ calories) you eat and keep exercising and you should lose weight. Note: High fat/ ( Full Answer )

How do you lose my virignity without pain?

To lose your virginity without pain, it's best to do it with someone you trust and ask them to be gentle with you. There's honestlly not many ways other than using lubricant.

How can you lose weight without losing muscle?

Do long sprees of Cardiovascular exercise (I prefer running in place + jumping jacks to music) 5 days a week. A minimum of 20 minutes a day. Take a 5 minute break for water and some fresh air for every 10 minutes of consecutive exercise. In terms of food, don't kill yourself with worry; your body ne ( Full Answer )

Can you fast without losing muscle?

No because the muscles need protein to grow or maintain themselves, if you are not getting protein they can't maintain a constant size or grow more and will lose bulk.

How do you lose fat without exercise?

Eat one meal a day. The same time each day. It will ruin yourmetabolism but you will lose weight. or practice one of many formsof vegetarianism. Along with that give up processed foods likepotato chips and white flour products. Eat foods such as apples. Your body actually has to burn morecalories t ( Full Answer )

How do you lose weight without effort?

There has to be at least some amount of effort. Most good things in life don't come easy, and this is considered one of them. There's really only one way to lose weight and keep it off in the long run, and that's regular exercise and a reduced-calorie diet.

Bankruptcy without losing home?

You can keep your home in a chapter 7, if it is determined that you do not have an equity position in your home that succeeds your state's statutory exemptions, as long as you continue to be current on your monthly mortgage payments.

How do you lose weight without starving?

Starving never lets you drop weight.. So here are some good strategies for you to lose weight(fat). Reduce carbs. Reduce fats. Go for veggies. Eat fiber. Don't switch foods radically. Make health, not weight loss, your goal. A major reason people get discouraged and drop out of weight-loss pr ( Full Answer )

Can a police officer bust into your house without probable cause?

Without probable cause or reasonable grounds an officer of the law cannot enter your house. If they did, anything they find or seize would be used against them in a court of law for unlawful search and seizure. Im sure as well they would need a warrant to enter your house in the first place.

How do you increase your bust size without pills or implants?

\n_______________________________________________\n. \nYou could also try these methods ,each one scientifically proven\n. \n1: Putting on some weight\n. \n2: Massaging the breast into lactation.\n. \n3: Sit down imagine them growing and feel them becoming bigger .\n. \n(This effect has been pr ( Full Answer )

Can you lose weight without losing bust size?

In a word; yes. However this depends on individual physiology and how your body stores and loses fat. If you want to lose body fat and find your bust size diminishing, don't worry, your best bet is to get as much of your body to where you feel comfortable and perhaps try to develop your pectoral mus ( Full Answer )

How do you excersise horses without riding them?

I'm no expert, So I don't know all the names, but one of the easiest things to do is to let your horse out in to a large field. this will give them enough room to exercise without even realising it lol. Or you could run along side your horse, holding the lead rope. or I know you can get these really ( Full Answer )

How do you cook sunny side egg without busting the yoke?

You don't flip the eggs. Sunny side up eggs are only cooked on the bottom side. When you go to remove the egg from the skillet, just pick the skillet up and tilt it sideways and gently slide the egg onto the plate. This should keep the yolk from breaking.

What excersises are good for losing leg fat?

Attempting to reduce fat in just one part of your body at a timeis likely to be disappointing. . Fat reduction works like this: When you try to lose fat throughcalorie-burning exercises, the reduction occurs all throughout yourbody. Unlike muscle-building, it cannot be specifically targeted toone r ( Full Answer )

What can you do with a bust?

Depending on who it is a bust of you can play dress up. Put on a hat and scarff or tie. If you own the bust you could try putting on make up to make it look more or less real. You could say it was the head from the James Bond movie that was severed from a statue. Take photographs of it in various po ( Full Answer )

How many pounds can you lose in 22 days excersising?

Safely? Fat, water, muscle? If you're seeking to lose only fat, I'd aim for a maximum of 3 lbs of fat loss per week, a total of 9 over the period. Lift weights (helps fat burn tremendously), do an hour or so of moderate-hard cardio, and eat 1500-2000 of healthy calories per day. Make sure you drink ( Full Answer )

How do you have a flat belly without excersise?

You can't. The only way to tone and sculpt your muscles is through exercise, especially weight training. The only other way to get a flat stomach is to starve yourself until you are so underweight that you have absolutely no excess fatty tissue at all. And that is extremely unhealthy, and can in ( Full Answer )

What can you do to lose weight without losing your figure?

If you love your figure then you might want to use stuff that you know works but dont use it alot and that means just lose little bits at a time and dont eat to many sweets as you're to do with all weight loss programs.

Can you lose weight without losing mass?

Not while remaining on the surface of this planet. If you go into space, your mass will not change - but your weight will become zero.

How do you lose weight without walking?

All you gotta do is eat Five times a day. Eat 300 calories for 3 meals and 200 calories for 2 snacks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, 300 calories each and two snacks in between meals for only 200 calories each. That is 1300 calories total. 1700 calories is a full tank, you will not lose or gain that's ( Full Answer )

How you can lose weight without losing mass?

While mass and weight are commonly confused, they are quite different. In layman's terms, mass (g) is a measurement of how much stuff a thing has in it, whereas weight (N) is a measurement of the earth's gravitational pull on a thing. In space, there is little gravitational pull, so your weight wo ( Full Answer )

How can you lose weight without a machine?

Are you talking about not using any sort of technology or cardio and weigh-lifting machines? I assume you mean not using any treadmills, elliptical, etc. machines. Well, it depends on what you are willing to do. If you do not want to use any of those machines, you would have find other ways of exerc ( Full Answer )

Where can you store documents without losing it?

You can store documents on a drive that you attach or put into your computer. It is a backup drive to store things such as pictures, documents, etc. so you don't lose them.

Can you lose hair without stress?

Things which cause hairloss, but not not include "stress" are: alopecia, male-pattern balding, chemotherapy treatment, illness, and anemia. So yes, you can lose hair without the cause being stress-related.

Can you lose your license without driving?

In some states, failure to maintain registration or insurance on a vehicle can result in the loss of a driver's license. Some states also have restrictions on renewing licenses that could result in being unable to renew an existing license.

How do you lose weight without losing your mind?

Simple. Stop being lazy and exercise. Don't buy fatty foods like chips, soft drink, fast food ect. As to not losing your mind, tie it up somewhere and it should be there when you come back.

How do you bust metabolism to lose weight?

First of all, we have to lay down the basic rules. You should take in fewer calories than you burn so that you can accelerate your progress. If you are staying on your weight long enough then you are probably taking in too much or just enough to negate the calories you burned from your exercise.