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Someone made a magician's coin from a Kennedy Half Dollar and a British Penny. Value is a couple dollars as a novelty item. It's the goddess Britannia, not a "Roman guy" and that's a trident, not a fork!

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Q: Can you explain a 1989 Kennedy half dollar on the head side and the tail side 1966 one penny a roman guy sitting with a fork and a cross symbol and a light house in the back groundAny worth to thecoin?
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Can you explain a 1979 Kennedy half dollar on the head side and the tail side a 1966 one penny a roman guy sitting with a fork and cross with a light house in the background worth anything?

It would seem that someone cut apart two coins and then attached the obverse of a 1979 half dollar to the reverse of a 1966 British penny. The "guy sitting with a fork" is, by the way, meant to be Britannia, the goddess who is a symbol of Great Britain, and the "fork" is called a trident.

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