Can you explain the poem 'Any Human to Another' by Countee Cullen?

Countee Cullen is a male. He was on of the most important poets of the Harlem Renaissance. Also HE did not just think that we only shared the sorrow and not the joy of life. He was implying that humans can not isolate themselves and that we are all interconnected.

Try looking at it as a poem about how humans are essential to each other... the whole "no man is an island" idea. To me, she is saying that we can't isolate ourselves... that everything that we feel, other people feel as well. We affect each other, and pretending that we don't is a false illusion, born of pride and overconfidence. Emotion is never a singular experience, and what happens to one affects another. We can share sorrow and perhaps we need to in order to cope with it. :) It makes us better to help each other. ... I find those types of ideas in the poem. I'm not sure if she thinks that we just share sorrow and not joy though... kind of seems so.