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It is not advised that you do. Please, don't feed baby birds that are in a nest.

If the mother witnesses or smells human presence in the nest she can actually abandon the chicks to die of cold or starvation. Aside from that, chicks can only really eat "mashed" food, basically food that has been chewed and regurgitated by their mother. By feeding the chicks you risk causing them to choke to death.

Never disturb nesting birds. You can however leave out soft, chopped fruit in your garden, such as grapes, pear, banana and apple. Then the mother will soften this and regurgitate it for her chicks. Please don't leave bread for chicks, because it can become trapped in their digestive tracts and probably kill them.

If however you notice the mother has not returned to the nest for a day or so, then you can call animal services to investigate and possibly rescue the chicks. Unfortunately a lot of mother birds are killed by cats, dogs, wolves or foxes while seeking food for their chicks.

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yes but its better for a mother bird to do it, you are not a mother bird, if you do find an abandoned baby bird, make sure it is abandoned and if it is, take it to the vets, they will do a better job of caring and feeding it than you

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yes they can

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Q: Can you feed a baby bird in its nest?
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Why does bird needs the nest?

the bird need nest to lay egg when the egg hatch a baby bird need nest the mother feed him and take care of him if the baby sick the mother kick the baby out the nest

What bird lays eggs in the nest others will feed the baby?

cuckoo. It lays in crow's nest and then leaves it. That's why it is also called a lazy bird .

What can you feed a baby bird that has fallen from the nest?

No, do not feed it or put it back in the nest. If the mother bird does not come back to take or feed the baby bird, call or take it to a local bird sanctuary. Do not touch the bird unless in emergency or injured, the mother bird most likely will abonden the baby bird if it smells human scent on it and it will die. What ever you do, DO NOT TAKE CARE OF THE BABY BIRD YOURSELF. It is illegal and often very life threatening to the bird.

What if a bird is left alone in a nest?

A bird that is left alone in a nest should not be bothered. The parent bird leaves the nest to find food for the young, and then returns to feed it. If there is concern about the baby bird being abandoned, it is best to contact a professional to rescue the animal.

How soon does a baby bird leave the nest?

A baby bird leaves the nest in about 3-5 weeks.

What is the house of the baby bird?

in a nest

What am i supposed to feed a baby bird that f ell out nest?

It is best if you don't feed it yourself. It can get stressed out and/or die. its best to call or bring to a bird sanctuary. Plus its illegal to take care of a baby bird without a licence. Do not touch the baby bird except in emergency or if its injured. Often the mother bird will come back and feed it. But if it has human scent, she will abandon it and it will die.

A baby bird fell out of the nest and the mother and father are feeding it still What should you do?

If the bird is still laying there and the mother/father is still feeding the baby bird, the bird must have just fell out of the nest and there isn't anything wrong with it. One of the parents will get it to its nest or get it to a safe place and take care of it. If the parent(s) do not want anything to do with it then the bird is sick and not eating, they just give up. You should place the bird in a warm shoe box with hay and make sugar water and feed that to the bird by using a dropper. You don't want to feed it to much. There are site that tell you directions with feeding a baby bird. :)

so i am raising this wild baby bird what should i feed it?

bird feed

How do you feed a baby dodo bird?

you feed it by a bottle.

What can you feed a baby bird?

Rice :)

Will the mother bird care for the baby bird egg if it cracks?

No. It will be pushed out of the nest.

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