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I believe that student loans are a category of debt that is not dischargable in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy will show up on any credit reports, and you may subsequently be unable to et additional loans. I filed for bankrupcy in 1998. I was able to obtain Student Loans despite the bankruptcy in 1999-2000. My past credit history was not considered when determining my student loan application.

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Q: Can you file chapter 7 and not include your student loans in the bankruptcy since they are in deferment and also continue getting student loans while in college?
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Can college debt be included in a bankruptcy?

No. Educational loans will remain with your during and after the bankruptcy is completed. This holds true regardless of whether you decide to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

If you file chapter 7 bankruptcy does that eliminate paying back the parent plus college loan?

Student loans are exempt from bankruptcy as are IRS debts

Will chapter7 bankruptcy clear dept?

A chapter 7 bankruptcy is the nuclear bomb of debt clearing. It will however, not get rid of certain taxes, preference payments, college loans, and other not dischargeable debts.

How did men prevent the vVetnam war draft?

Going to college was the most honorable way (college deferment).

Is paying off SallieMae college loan manadatory if you are filing for bankruptcy?

Student loans from any lender are not usually dischargeable in bankruptcy. They will temporarily stop collection during the proceedings, but interest will continue to accrue.

How could you get out of being drafted to the Vietnam War?

College deferment or physically unfit.

Can you file the college network on bankruptcy?

In most cases, you can not include an educational loan in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. This Person is wrong! The college network sells study materials. It is not an "Educational Loan" It is a private company. Yes you can discharge them like any other debt!

Did President Bill Clinton have prior military service?

He had a college deferment.

Can you file chapter 13 and still go to college?

Yes. Discrimination against a person for having filed for bankruptcy is prohibited especially for student loan applications.

Was 1969 the year Nixons end military deferment's for college students?

No. Military deferments were given, but they were harder to get.

Why did some Americans consider the draft system unfair?

Vietnam was America's last drafting of young men for the military. And we still had "authorized" ways of buying one's self out of that. If a fellow stayed in college, carried 18 units and a 2.0 average, he recieved a "college deferment." If one was too poor to go or didn't go to college, then obviously he could't recieve a "college deferment", and the army would be sending him a letter.

Does filing bankruptcy hamper getting college scholarships for your child?

Yes, for Chapter 13 cases. No allowance in the monthly budget is made by the Bankruptcy Trustee for financial contributions by parents for the college education of dependents. Eligibility for financial aid is still calculated on the income of bankrupt parents, although they do not have the ability to contribute. The only relief is that students may take out additional unsubsidized Stafford loans.

How are loans affected when you drop out of college?

You still have to pay them. They give you 6 months of payment deferment I believe. After that the interest starts accumulating.

What is the location of the nearest chapter of the AAMA to Allegany College of MAryland?

What is the location of the nearest chapter of the AAMA to imperial valley college

How could one obtain a deferment or conscientious objector status?

Become a man of the cloth, or a college professor. Those two professions are fairly traditional.

What were some of the things done by draftees who opposed the war?

Enrolling in college, to receive a "COLLEGE DEFERMENT" was the most popular way to avoid the draft. At the time, the student had to carry 18 units, and maintain a 2.0 average while attending school in order for the deferment to remain valid. More militant forms consisted of moving to Canada, burning their draft cards, etc.

Will bankruptcy effect loans for your kids college?

look here:

Sample of admission deferment letter?

The letter of deferment is written and used when putting something off that that will be done in the future. This letter is often used to defer student loans or delay admissions into college. The letter should be addressed to the correct department, reasons for the delay must be mentioned and the request of the deadline to be extended.

How did college students feel about the Vietnam war?

Male college students were concerned about maintaining a 2.0 academic average and carrying 18 units of semester hours, other wise they faced being drafted into military service. By maintaining the above, they retained a "college deferment."

Does child support continue in college in Pennsylvania?

Yes, as long as the student remains in college.

How long of a leave can you take from college before needing to fill out extension papers for loans?

A deferment means that no payments need to be made on a student loan during the approved period of time. There are several situations that allow current and former students to qualify for student loan deferment. A deferment is a postponement of payment on a loan, during which interest does not accrue if the loan is subsidized. You may qualify for a deferment while you are in school or an approved program for at least part time. Another reason is if you are unemployed or meet the rules of economic hardship defined by the government which will be determined by the US department of education. Being in the army is also cause for a deferment. Speaking to a loan counselor will better help determine your needs and direct you to the right path.

How do you get a loan without a cosignor?

I am in college my mom defaulted on bankruptcy how can I get a loan to go to school?

How did Americas Youth react to Vietnam War?

"Americas Youth" had to fight the war. They either went to Canada, Prison, Entered the Military, or Rioted (or got that coveted COLLEGE DEFERMENT).

Did Trey Songz attend college?

Trey Songz did go to college he continue to start on his music

If a child is 18 lives with mother and is in college is child support due?

Yes, you will have to continue to pay child support if your child is enrolled in college. You will have to continue to pay until the graduate or drop out.