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Yes, but why would you want to do that?

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Can you cut your nails with a nail file?

No; technically you cannot "cut" your nails with a file, but you can file them down to the skin. However, this would longer with longer nails.Note: You can buy a nail cutter with a file on the side.

How do you get sharp and pointy nails?

Sharpen your nails by using a nail file and file it from the point down & the side.

What do you use to smooth out the ends of your nails?

You use an emery board or nail file to smooth your nails. You also use buffer cloths to shine your nails after using the file.

What do you use to file your nails with?

A nail file or an emery board

How do you use the word file in a sentence?

She will file the letter in the file cabinet. She used the file to file her nails. He will file the case with the civil court.

Do hippies have there nails done?


Can 10 years old get there nails done?

As a matter a fact you can be 10 to get your nails because there is over 1 million 10 years old that get there nails done. You may be able to get a manicure or fake nails

How do you sharpen your nails with a nail filer?

just gently file them abvove ur nails and it will sharpen them

How do you file thick finger nails?

using a glass or metal file is best and sometimes soaking your hands in warm water beforehand can help soften the nails

Where does Shawn Johnson get her nails done?

She gets her nails done at Pro Nails EP True PKWY West Des Moines IA across from Dahl's and the person who usally does her nails is named Courtney Pham

What does Jesse McCartney hate?

He hates it when girls file their nails in front of people, he says "that's a bathroom thing." So ya, I hate it when people file their nails, too! i am sorry but what does file mean?

How can you stop picking your nails?

Keep a nail file with you and when you have the urge to pick them file them instead

Why do your nails smell after you file them?

They only smell is your nail file smells. Mabey you need a better nail file...

What can get nail glue off of your nails?

Soak your nails in nail polish remover or acetone (more time for non acetone nail polish remover) for about fifteen minutes.Every now and then rub your nails with your fingers while they are soaking.After you are done soaking, then get a nail file and gently file the rest of the glue off of your nails.Then rinse your hands in alcohol to keep them healthy and to avoid cuticle damage.Then, finally, put on your favorite lotion.Ta-Da!

Where is the best place in Rantoul Illinois to get your nails done at?

Fashion Nails by I.G.A.

Is it ok to clip a cats nails?

Its best to file them.

Where does Kate Gosselin get her nails done?

On Monday July 27, 2009 Kate Gosselin got her nails done at Planet Nails and Tans in in Wyomissing, Penn. I am not sure if this is her regular salon or not.

How can you make your nails narrow?

You can file your nails straight, and not rounded. Make sure you put on clear nail polish and it will make your nails look longer!

Where can you get your nails done?

I mean you can get your nails done at any nail salon. I go to classy nails,pro nails, and other nail salons. I go to any nail salon that i can sit down and have my nails done the way I want them to be. (go to any nail salon that you are welcome in,do not be scared to go to a nail salon that you have in mind. Remember it is your choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

How much is it to get your nails done at Walmart with art?

$12 Just for your nails.$15 To get art on them

What color should I get my nails done?


How can you make your nails grow SLOWER?

file them every day

How do you cut nails without damaged nail bed?

file them

Why do you need your nails?

i think you need your nails so that no bugs or bacteria will grow on it and so if you is going on a date and you want your nails done

What is the file in a manicure set?

It is the long ovaly-rectangle shape. You use it to file down you nails :P

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