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Can you fill a swimming pool with water from a well?

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Yes you can, however you have to be careful you do not burn the well pump up. run the pump for an hour then shut the hose off let the pump cool down, for about 20 min then repeat the process until the desired level is reached.

Well water for poolYes.
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What is the best way to remove iron from your swimming pool water?

I use a chemical called "suspend" we fill (refill) our pool with well water and this product works great!

I filled your pool with well water and it looks an orangish-brown color how do you get it clear?

I'm sure that you did not fill MY pool with well water. Then who's pool was it.

Can you fill an in-ground swimming pool with well water?

Yes, it's ok to fill from a well. It is smart to have the water tested. A pool supply comapny should be able to do this. The exception would be filling from a shallow well that may contain pesticides or petroleum (gasoline or oil). This can happen when older storage tanks rust through and the product contaminates the ground water.

Using well water to fill pool?

That is a reasonable practice.

Why is sea water warmer than swimming pool water?

Well, large bodies of water take longer to heat or cool than land does, so a swimming pool will be a bit cooler... ... I think so....

Can chlorine turn swimming pool water brown?

Yes if you use well water it can turn the pool brown or black for it has a lot ofIron..

Can you fill a pool with hard well water?

Yes you can fill a pool with hard well water. I have an above the ground pool and I have hard water. After you add shock and the rest of your chemicals, the water will turn brown. To get this out you will have to buy a chemical called metal out. It works great. You could probably add the metal out first. On start up of the pool you will have to use a few filters to get all the metal out of your pool water.

Where do you discard pool water while emptying?

well at the end of the day they drain the pool then in the morning they fill it up

Can spiders bite you in your swimming pool?

well i don't have a swimming pool so i wouldn't know. But water spiders can bite, although i doubt that they would be able survive in a pool with all of those chemicals.

Can amoeba be in a swimming pool?

Possibly. In some hot pools amoeba are a problem. They get washed into the pool with rain water. If your swimming pool is well maintained - chlorinated correctly - maybe amoeba won't be a problem.

How much water in a swimming pool?

The dimensions of the pool are needed to calculate this Well actually depends how big and how much u put in to it!

Can you take a bath in a swimming pool?

well yes if its only u in the pool No. Its really bad for the chemical balance of the water. Besides, its a pool not a bath tub!!!

Can you sweat in a swimming pool?

Well it depends how hard your swimming and working out :)

How long does it take to fill a 24 foot by 48 inch pool?

1-2 days. Try to get 2 or 3 garden hoses to fill the pool faster. WARNING: If you get your water from a well fill your pool slowly over 2 to 3 days.

Is it safe to pump water from your well to fill a pool?


Can we custom deign our pool and if so, who can help us with the process?

Yes you can custom design your swimming pool. There are many local custom design swimming pool companies as well as swimming pool design software you can utilize.

You used well water to fill a pool how do you get the orangish-brown color to be clear?

Filter the water before filling the pool. Filter the water after filling the pool. Add chlorine only after you have filtered the water for 24 hrs or more.

How many gallons of water in a 15 feet above ground swimming pool that is 3 feet deep?

You need to provide information on the area of the pool as well.

Where can someone purchase a water test kit for a swimming pool?

One can purchase a water test kit for a swimming pool from eBay and Amazon. Chain retailers like Big 5, Walmart, Target, and Costco will all likely carry this item as well.

The length of a swimming pool?

It depends on the size of the pool really( well that's what i think).

What are the benefits that a swimming pool cover offers?

Swimming pool covers are able to keep your pool insulated as well as clean. Leaves, grass, and other debris are less likely to enter the pool.

Is it safe to dump swimming pool water into your well?

NO ! ! !ANS 2Depends, - if you DO NOT drink the well water then it's fine. ( many people on wells buy bottled water)If you DO drink it then you are at risk if you do this.

Do any tests need to be ran on well water before using it in a swimming pool?

Yes, get it analysed for your own safety.

What is an intex swimming pool?

An Intex swimming pool is a pre-made above ground pool company. These pools come in a variety of sizes and depths as well as with or without pumps.

How do you clean a 24 foot round pool that is full of very green water?

First, drain the water. Next, get in the dry pool with a portective suit , rubber gloves and boots on. Then get a pool brush and scrub hard. Last, fill pool with water then drain and fill again. Hard work, huh? well its worth it no need to thank me!!!!Wait yes need to thank me!!!