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IF you can, you'll need to find out if the overall diameter of the wheelis going to change. A custome wheel shop should be able to accomodate. IF the overall diameter changes it may affect your odometer, speedometer or the wheel speed sensors. Alignment becomes a nightmare as I recall.

Yes you can you put any mag or rims 4X100 and for the tires: P205/40R17 or HR17 ZR17 your choice ;) You will need also centerer rings for the mags

enjoy Toyota powa :P

Sure you can, I have 17s on my 93 corolla. Had to to make minor adjustments though like bending the inner lip of the rear wheel well so it doesnt rip up the tires when i hit a bump. Have fun:)

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:49:56
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Q: Can you fit 17 rims on a 97 Corolla?
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