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Can you forgive and forget?

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This is a controversial question and, as a result, there are a

number of different answers.

Answer 1

You can forgive, but it's tough to forget and it keeps you on

your toes in future relationships. I have this quote on my fridge:

'If you can't forgive the person that hurt you then THEY control


Answer 2

Yes you can forgive and forget. It is so easy to forgive

somebody, rather than forget. It is hard to forget because its like

every time you see that person the memory comes back to your head.

I have been in so many situations like this. This is why you have

to be the better person and just forgive it and try to forget


Answer 3

yes you can forgive, no you cannot forget. but i think you can

learn from the memories and move on the past can be a springboard

to push you forward learn from your mistakes

Answer 4

Can you forgive and forget that you were convinced by your own

Father that putting his personals in our mouth just made you his

favorite girl? Or can you forgive and forget that your brother had

sex with you more than once and encouraged you to believe that it

was emotional bonding, like daddy did? For me, No, I can not forget

since it affects every relationship that I have ever had with the

opposite sex. Can I forgive? I can forgive me and I can forgive

them in my heart and soul, but I will never, ever give them

forgiveness for their actions. In some cases and I believe in this

case, forgiving them of such a horrible, disgusting and despicable

crime would allow them the relief of guilt that they don't deserve.

That is my opinion and it refers to me and my situation.

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