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It doesn't actually develop in your teen years, but that may be when it first becomes a problem. You should talk to your doctor about it. If your doctor is one of those stubborn conventional doctors that says that there is no such thing as ADD, get a different doctor. Whether ADD is a disease or a personality trait, I don't know and it doesn't matter, but I've got it and I can tell you that it definitely exists.

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Q: Can you get ADHD when you are in your teenage years?
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Why is ADHD commonly noticed in teenage years and not earlier?

ADHD is most commonly diagnosed in children when they begin entering a school environment where certain behaviors are expected like taking turns and remaining in a seat. However, inattentive subtypes of ADHD are less obvious during the younger years and may be only diagnosed in the teenage years when more responsibilities and commitments are placed upon a person; the need to focus and the inability to do so would become more apparent. Diagnosis for ADHD requires that symptoms appeared in childhood. A careful examination of past medical, school, and parental history is needed to confirm. If symptoms suddenly appear in the teenage years, it is most likely another mental problem; anxiety disorders, depression, and bipolar disorder all share symptoms that could lead to a false diagnosis of ADHD.

When are most cases of ADHD diagnosed?

Most cases of ADHD are diagnosed in the early school years; there is numerous new expectations that a child with ADHD would have trouble following like taking turns, remaining seated, and not disrupting the classroom. Also, there is increased observation of a child in the school environment, so a teacher or other school official could recommend a doctor visit. In some cases, ADHD is diagnosed in the teenage years. This is more common with the inattentive subtype; lack of focus becomes much more apparent with the increase of responsibilities and commitments in the teenage years.

Is it safe for a teenage girl to date a teenage boy who has been diagnosed with ADHD?

ADHD is a mental disorder; not a statement about a person's safety or morals. all it means is attention deficit hyperactive disorder. in lamest terms they will be a little more hyper then others depending on the severity of the ADHD and that they have trouble concentrating.

What are the main symptoms for adhd?

The symptoms change with age. A younger person with ADHD might be fidgety, run and climb on things, as well as have difficulty remaining still or quiet in times where it is appropriate. A person with ADHD in their teenage years might appear restless, procrastinate, and not complete responsibilities. An adult with ADHD might have difficulty focusing, forgetful of planned events, and be disorganized.

How long does treatment take for adhd?

ADHD treatment usually takes about 3 years.

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What age do kids outgrow ADHD?

Half of all the kids showing symptoms of ADHD don't grow out if it. For the rest the symptoms become less severe as a person grows older. Hyperactivity usually stops in the late teenage years. There is no specific age when this happens. Experts believe that the problems with organization and attention often remain. About half of children who have ADHD continue to be easily distracted, have mood swings, hot tempers and are unable to complete tasks as adults.

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Evidence for the influence of nature on attention-deficithyperactivity disorder ADHD indicates that?

ADHD is disgnosed at a higher rate than is was 50 years ago

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How old can you be to get ADHD?

I am 14 years old and i have had adhd all my life.So there really is not any age you are born with it.And usally as you age it wears off.

Why don't adults have ADHD?

Adults do have ADHD. It's something we're born with. Little testing is done on adults.

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Can a teenager be diagnosed with ADHD?

Absolutely. Anyone can be diagnosed with ADHD at any age. The essential thing, though, is that the symptoms had been there since you were seven years old or younger. Many people live with ADHD for years, even into adulthood, only to figure out on their own that the problems they were experiencing were due to something that was actually treatable.

How does a child with ADHD act at 4?

There is no way to diagnose ADHD at 4 years old. Anything younger then 10 or so (experts disagree) is extremely likely to be diagnosed falsely, because kids under that age are naturally hyper if they have ADHD or not.

What year did Michael Phelps get diagnosed with ADHD?

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