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Metal that is plated in gold can not have the stamp.

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Q: Can you get a 925 hallmark stamp on proper gold or is it plated?
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What does the hallmark 750 plated mean?

18K Gold Plated.

What does theA1 stamp on gold mean?

A1 is a British electroplating hallmark and means superior quality. As this hallmark is for silver pieces and there is no mark allowed for gold plaiting it is most likely that you have a high quality silver plated piece that was further plated with gold. This is allowed under British law.

Is a Gold replica first day of issue stamp 1983 gold plated?

yes 22-23kt plated

Will a 18kt gold plated ring be marked?

No. It may say '18k plated', but will never carry a hallmark or mark of fineness.

Does 925 show on black hills gold?

925 is the international hallmark for sterling silver, it is not gold If it is gold-colored, then it is gold-plated sterling

What if there is no 10kt stamp on it jewerely?

Not real gold. If there is no 10K stamp or 417 marking, its probably plated. Sorry.

Does plated gold have hallmarks?

In a word,no! Hallmarks are a stamp of qulaity only applied to solid gold items.

What does the gold hallmark Q mean?

QG 14k , i got gold... with this stamp on it, i cannot find anywhere what it means? is real gold or not?

What does this 14 k stamp mean is it plated 14k thseg?

The 14 k stamp simply means it is a 14 karat gold electroplate and not plated 14 k thg.

Is 14ct stamped on white gold plated or real gold?

Actually 14K is the American stamp, 14ct is a European stamp for 14 Carat gold. So yes it is real.

Is gold with 925 stamp on it silver that has been gold plated?

Yes. The 925 indicates that the piece is 92.5% sterling silver.

What is the BMNY stamp on a gold diamond bracelet?

It means you likely have a gold plated bracelet with crystals (not diamonds). I got duped too.

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