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Q: Can you get a felony taken off your record?
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How do you get a felony conviction taken off your record?


Can felony drug charges be taken off a record in Mississippi?

Felony charges cannot be dropped off of your record. * Charges yes, convictions no.

Can felony DUI come off your record?

It is almost impossible to get a felony off your record. The only way to get a felony conviction off your record is to get a pardon.

Can felony drug charges be taken off a record in Wisconsin?

They will remain on your record for life. Even having them expunged doesn't remove them from your record - it just limits who can see them on your record.

Can someone with a 15 year old felony marijuana charge get it taken off there record?

Whether or not a felony charge can be removed from the record of a minor is up to a judge. Most judges can close records, but the charge will remain.

Can you get a felony off your record in Idaho?

i was charged with grand theft is there anyway i can get this off my record?

Will a felony come off your record?


How do you get a felony off your record in Alabama?

It is possible to get a felony expunged from your record in any state. It depends on why you have a felony. Some crimes are not allowed to be forgiven or expunged.

Does a felony charge in the state of mass ever come off your record?

No. A felony from any state remains on your record for life.

After seven years does a felony on your record go does a felony get off you Pennsylvania?

no a felony is yours to keep for the rest of your life

Can you get into the military with a felony and can it get taken off if i do?

If you are trying to get into the military some small petty crimes can be also depends on what branch you are trying to join. But the answer to your question is def. no. You can not join the military when theres a felony on your record.

How long does a military felony last on your record?

Forever now THATS a VERY hard one to get off of your record and its worse then a regular felony too

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