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I am not a doctor but this is my experienced answer. Highly unlikely. Those little guys don't like the open air very much and plus, being rubbed in between palms doesn't help their cause either. There is alot that has to happen in order for pregnancy to occurr. The odds are pretty much in favor of a no in this case. While it certainly is not out of the realm of possibility, to answer your question, I would say no. There is a possibility of maybe 1 out of a million, but thatis rare and it is most likeley no.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-01 21:21:43
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Q: Can you get a girl pregnant if VERY little pre-ejaculate got on your hands and you rub it off until your hands are dry and then finger her?
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What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant from if you got a little bit of sperm on your finger and wiped it clean with a rag and then fingered her?

There is a slight chance you could get her pregnant unless you wash your hands before you finger her

Plz help im panicing if she will get pregnant i might have gotten sperm on my index finger i washed my hands 3 times and hand sanitised 2 then fingered her with my middel finger can she get pregnant?

I don't think that she would get pregnant because you got sperm on your index and not middle finger which you fingered her with. And if you cleaned your hands that many times then sperm still shouldn't be on your finger

Can my boyfriend finger you while im pregnant?

yes, but make sure his hands are clean to begin with.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you finger her while having alittle bit of semem on hands?

It's possible.

If you have sperm on your hands and them wipe them off can you finger a girl without getting her pregnant?

if a guy cums on his hands then wipes if off with a towel and then fingers the girl like 10 minutes later can she get pregnant?

Can you get a girl pregnant if you get semen on your hands and wipe most of it off and then finger a girl?

if there is any sperm left on your hand then yes you can potentially get her pregnant.

If you pre-ejaculate and touch your penis but wipe your hands on a blanket then finger a girl can she get pregnant?

It only takes one. The hands may appear dry but there are plenty of little cracks that can encapsule sperm which wont be touched by a cloth. An area that has not been dried on the skin or even the finger nail is a setting that brings the young man in traumatic epiphany.

Is their a difference in men hands and women's hands?

In men's hands, the ring finger is taller than the index finger. In women, the index finger is taller than ring finger.

What if you finger your girlfriend after you came in your hands but washed them slightly with just water can she get pregnant?

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yea that would be 9/10 negatives because if you washed your finger with water it most likely rubbed off

If your 13 years old and you finger yourself can you get pregnant?

Pregancy requires sperm from the male to unite with an egg in the female. Nobody can get pregnant alone. no dont worry just wash your hands before you do it

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy has a little bit of come on his hands and then he touched her vagina but it was the last day of her period?

Highly unlikely to be able to get pregnant this way.

Before you point your finger make sure your hands are clean?

Before you point your finger make sure your hands are clean

If i had maybe got pre-ejaculate fluid on my hands and i went in the woods to finger a girl and on the way touched the ground and such does it remove sperm and not get girl pregnant?

It is unlikely that you would get pregnant this way, but it is still possible

What if a man wipes his sperm with his hands and then he puts his fingers inside a vagina will the girl get pregnant little sperm?


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The ring finger for the girl is her on her left hands second finger, the one near the small finger on the left hand.

Your boyfriend had semen on his hands then put his hands down your pants could you possibly be pregnant you were outside on a cold day?

The likelihood of this being the sole cause of pregnancy is nearly 0. ---- It depends how long the semin was on his hands and how far up his finger went and where his hand went and of coarce how cold it was but you could only get pregnant 4 times i a mounth. so consider that.

Is it possible to get a girl pregnant if you had gotten sperm on your hands and then wash them and then like 10 minutes later finger her?

Most likely no, the soap and water would have removed the sperm.

Why do your thumb and fore finger on both hands twitch without pain?

a thumb is not a finger

If a small amount of sperm is just inside the penis can she get pregnant?

Even a little bit of sperm in a woman's vagina can make her pregnant. Even indirect contact can be enough. For example: after sex, you take the condom off, and decide to stimulate your girlfriend with your hands. If some sperm got on your hands, this little bit could be enough to make her pregnant. Obviously, the odds of getting pregnant are greatly reduced if the amount is so small. But in theory, it is possible.

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Can you get pregnant if you were fingered even though there was no semen on his hands?

If he positively had no semen on his hands while fingering you there is no way you could get pregnant...

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