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Q: Can you get a job as State Tested Nursing Assistant STNA in any US jurisdiction if you have a minor misdemeanor of disorderly conduct on your record?
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Where to find nursing assistant jobs?

You can find nursing assistant jobs at :,, Healthcare

HOW MUCH do a nursing assistant make?

how much do nursing assistant make in Trinidad

Where can I get nursing assistant lessons?

You can get nursing assistant lessons at any community college.

What does a nursing assistant do?

A nursing assistant helps a nurse do their jobs by being an aid . They also do easy jobs that nurses can not do or our to busy to do .

how can i get a nursing assistant certificate?

This website ( offers information about how to get a nursing assistant certificate. It says you have to go to college or a medical facility to get it.

Can an Assistant in Nursing administer Schedule 3 medications?

In our state, a nursing assistant can not administer medications.

What is the average starting salary for a nursing assistant?

The average starting salary for a nursing assistant is $24,000.

How much does a nursing assistant make salary wise?

Nursing assistant salary is actually not that bad to do since you are learning and getting paid to be a nursing assistant. They get paid around a couple of thousands.

What is a nursing assistant practice test for?

A nursing assistant practice test is solely for practicing for the real test to gain the proper qualifications for being a nursing assistant. They do not actually provide qualification just help.

Where can I take classes to become a certified nursing assistant?

There are free online classes and courses which offers classes for certified nursing assistant. You can visit for more information on certified nursing assistant.

Where in Wisconsin can I take certified nursing assistant classes?

Marquette University offers nursing assistant classes in Wisconsin.

What is the difference between being Nursing Assistant Certified and Nursing Assistant Registered?

A nursing assistant has only a two year degree, has less responsibility, and is paid much less than a RN(registered nurse).

Can you recommend where I can get my certified nursing assistant training ?

What are the requirements for certified nursing assistant training? Is this available in the Philippines or only available in the United States of America only? How much will cost for this certified nursing assistant training?

Where can I get certified nursing assistant training in Toledo, Ohio?

You can get certified nursing assistant training in Toledo, Ohio at › Forums › Job › Certified Nursing Assistant . Another good site is

Where can I get nursing assistant training?

Nursing assistant training is a training to help you do well in your nursing job area for it helps you prepare for the real thing when it happens in the hospital.

How do I become a certified nursing assistant?

In order for you to become a certified nursing assistant, you need to go through many years of medical school and pass many tests in order to get the degree you need to be a certified nursing assistant.

What is the average salary for nursing assistant jobs?

the average salary for nursing assistant jobs is between 20000$ and can go up 38000$. You can visit this site for more information:

What is the lowest level of nursing?

The lowest level of nursing is A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).

Where can I find nursing assistant schools?

You can find a directory of all the schools that offer training to become a nursing assistant on line, The best website that I have found is

How much money does a nursing assistant earn?

The median expected salary for a typical Nursing Assistant in the United States is $24,363.

What are the mandatory qualifications for a Nursing Assistant job?

The answer depends on whether or not you wish to become a licensed CNA or work as an unlicensed Nursing assistant. You will find both sets of qualifications under the keyword criteria: nursing assistant job qualifications

What are good nursing assistant jobs?

The easiest way to find out more about nursing assistant jobs would be to check the medical job websites. The listings will explain each of the nursing assistant jobs in detail, that way you can decide what is best for you.

Is true that nursing Assistant may report to another nursing assistant if that person has more experience?

Yes, it is possible especially if the other assistant has seniority within the department or institution.

What does STNA mean in the nursing field?

state tested nursing assistant

Where can I find certified nursing assistant classes?

Nurse Assistant Training (NAT) | American Red Cross | Classes 171 hour American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training course teaches ... You will learn what working as a certified nurse assistant is like everyday in an ... The Top 3 Online Certified Nursing Assistant Programs the information you need to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, from Certified Nursing Assistant school listings to job descriptions to salary data.