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no wait a wk after a missed period

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What is the earliest you can find out you are pregnant.com?

You can get a positive pregnancy test as early as 9 days after intercourse but your most accurate results will be at least 14 days after intercourse.

Can you take a pregnancy test a couple days after intercourse took place?

No it takes 14 days for a home pregnancy test to show positive. Your hcg levels need to be high enough.

Can you have a positive pregnancy test 7 days after intercourse?

No, because even if the ovum has implanted it won't yet be producing sufficient hormone to give a positive test.

How many days after intercourse does your body knOw it's pregnant?

You can detect pregnancy with a pregnancy test 14 days after intercourse.

How many days having intercourse can one check for pregnancy?

You can begin to get positive results from a home pregnancy test at a minimum of 2 weeks after conception.

Would it show up positive on a pregnancy test 3 days after intercourse?

Its highly unlikely considering it takes about 24hrs for the fertilization to happen, two days after that your body may or may not be registering the changes... the earliest you would want to text after intercourse is 10 days for a blood test and 14 days for an in home pregnancy test.

How many days ofter ovulation would a pregnancy test be positive?

After 16 days of ovulation a pregnancy test be positive.

When would you get a positive pregnancy test?

a person wont receive a positive pregnancy test until about 3 to 4 weeks after unprotected intercourse has happened

How soon after intercourse can you take a in home pregnancy test?

You can take a pregnancy test 14 days after sex.

Can a pregnancy test show an accurate result after 19 days?

19 days after intercourse may result in a accurate pregnancy test.

Can you use pregnancy test kit after 7 days of intercourse?

It is best if you wait until 14 days after intercourse.

Could you tell if you are pregnant a couple of days after you have intercourse?

You will not have a positive pregnancy test for at least 10 days after intercourse as it takes at least this long for the fertilised egg to imlant and produce enough of the pregnancy hormone. It is better to wait at least 2 weeks.

How early can pregnancy be detected through urine?

3-5 weeks after intercourse. It can be detected 7 days after intercourse with a blood test.AnswerActually, a home pregnancy test would be able to pick up a positive 2-3 weeks after intercourse, or up to 5 days before a missed period, or 4 days before you expect your period to arrive. Most women, however, will not receive a positive until after they have missed their period.

When can the urine test for pregnancy are positive after sperm enters the egg?

After 18 to 21 days. At 18 some of them will have positive pregnancy test. By 21 days, most will be positive.

Is it possible to get a positive home pregnancy test 4 days after intercourse?

Possible but not accurate. Too soon. Try after you miss your first period.

How would you know if you are pregnant after 3 days of intercourse?

You wouldn't. You wouldn't be getting any symptoms yet and you couldn't get a positive result on a pregnancy test

Will a pregnancy test show a fals positive taking it right after unprotected intercourse?

A pregnancy test WILL NOT tell you if you are pregnant immediately after having intercourse unless you've had intercourse within the last nine months (on another occasion) and you are already pregnant.

Can a pregnancy test read positive 10 to 12 days after intercourse?

Yes however it leaves a large window for false negatives. It's best to wait the full 14 days.

If the test is positive is it definite that you are pregnant?

if a pregnancy test is positive, then there is a big chance that you may be pregnant. if you havent had any intercourse without protection then you shouldn't worry.

When will you test positive on a pregnancy test?

Most of blod and urine pregnancy tests measure the level of hormone called hCG, which is created after the egg is fertilized. Different pregnancy test may have different sensitivity, so it will depend on particular test type when it will test positive. However usually a pregnancy test will test positive after first few days of pregnancy.

Will a pregnancy test show you are pregnant 5 ays after you conceive?

You need to wait 14 days after having intercourse to determine pregnant with a pregnancy test.

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