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Taking a pregnancy test seven days before a missed period won't be accurate.

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Q: Is seven days before a missed period to soon to take a pregnancy test?
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How soon after fertilization occurs can a pregnancy be detected by a home pregnancy test?

some tests can tell you five to seven days before your next missed period

What are the signs of pregnancy before a missed period?

I can only help you based on my own experiences (I am seven weeks pregnant), but before the date of my missed period, I experienced sore swollen breasts, mild abdominal cramping, tiredness, and increased levels of white cervical mucus.

I had period and seven days after your Dr say Im pregnancy?

Its possible to have bleeding during pregnancy that You mistake for your period

Is spotting before your period is due along with pms-like cramps as well as a missed period a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, cramps as well as spotting before your period is due can be what they call "implantation" and usually happens two weeks after conception. A missed period is also an indicator that you might be pregnant as well. On the other hand until you miss seven days I would not stress out immensely just yet. The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test, which I'd recommend the First Response 5 days early pregnancy test. Take that test 7 days after your missed period and if negative and still think you are pregnant you can either wait another 7 days and retest or go get a blood test from your physician. Take care of yourself in the meantime by taking prenatal vitamins.

I have Brown spotting 7 days before period due date could it be pregnancy?

That happened to me and yes I was pregnant. If you had sex a week before this could be implantation bleeding so yes this could be pregnancy related. Do a test when your period is seven days late.

Can the patch stop period if you start it before your due your period?

If you put the patch on before your period is due, you may stop your period or you may have irregular bleeding. Remember that you won't be protected against pregnancy until you've used the patch correctly for seven days.

Pregnancy of how much period is aborted by cipla's MT PILL?

about seven month

How many days can you be late before getting your period and not be pregnant?

You can be up to two weeks late and not be pregnant but to be safe you should take a pregnancy test after you are seven days late.

Could you have signs of pregnancy if its only been a week and four days since the last time you had sex?

The most sensitive tests usually can't detect a pregnancy until seven to nine days after conception. So there are probably no signs to detect at 11 days into it. Wait until you've missed your period by a couple of weeks, and take a home pregnancy test then.

Are you pregnant if your period is seven days late?

There is no way to be sure until you take a pregnancy test.

Could you become pregnant the day after your period?

Yes if after your period but if seven days before your period you will not become pregnant...

What if you missed the pill and got your period?

If you missed the pill and got your period, continue taking the pill as scheduled. Consider using the morning after pill if you had sex in the last five days. Use a backup method until you've taken seven pills correctly.

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