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Can you get a speeding ticket while driving to church?


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Yes; you can get a speeding ticket driving anywhere.


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YOU the driver will be responsible to pay the ticket.

Insurance rates are based primarily on your personal driving habits and record, so if you receive a ticket while driving a rental car it can still be reported to your insurance company because the citing officer has your drivers license information. So in short, it is definitely possible for your insurance company to raise your rate based on a speeding ticket you received while driving a rented vehicle.

If you're speeding, then you're speeding, and you can get a ticket for it. The fact that you were passing another vehicle is beside the point.

- If you get a speeding ticket while driving someone else's car will it affect her insurance. - No affect her insurance. You pay the fine or you go to court for that. - will her insurance company be notified? - No. If you drive her car with the expired lisence plate you pay the fine.

During the upcoming months millions of people will go on road trips where they drive to various parts of the country. During their trips most people will inevitably have to decide whether they want to risk a speeding ticket by driving over the speeding limit. Luckily, there are ways that you can beat a speeding ticket while driving. The most effective way to beat a speeding ticket would be to use a radar detector. A radar detector will detect when a police officer is using a radar gun. In the event that a radar gun is being used in your proximity a series of beeps will occur on the device. When this occurs you should speed down to avoid being caught speeding and charged with a speeding ticket.

If you get a speeding ticket in Georgia and forget to pay your ticket, after a while, you will incur fines. If you continue to not pay it, a warrant may be issued for your arrest.

If you are driving outside the restrictions of your license (e.g. driving after dark when the license permits driving only during the day), you are in essence driving with no license at all. If the only issue is your speed, the offense will be heard as with any other. Some states place a lower points threshold on age-restricted licenses, so a single speeding ticket could cause your license to be suspended.

The person who owns the car will get the ticket, but I would think - if that person knew you were the one driving the car - that he or she would give you the ticket. Or, maybe, if that person is nice, he or she will just pay the ticket and hate you for a little while.

Yes. No - its a jerky thing to do, but you should not be speeding if there arent any cops around - so they CAN ticket you if you were speeding when you didnt see them.

definitely, local ordinance set speeding limits for all moving means

Tickets are issued to people not cars. If you get a ticket while driving someone else's car, it only affects their insurance costs if you are a listed driver on their policy. The ticket is for the driver.

crash, Flat Tire, break down, rain, run out of gas, speeding ticket, scratch it

If you are with someone that is teaching you how to drive I think that is the person who gets the ticket.

Yes. If you were holding your TN DL while you got the ticket in NC, the ticket will be reflected on your TN driving record. Just because you're traveling in another state doesn't mean your driving record isn't affected by driving infractions. Should you decide not to pay the ticket and subsequently try to get a DL in another state, you will be barred from doing so until the ticket is paid.

You really, really shouldn't be driving on a suspended license to start with, so you're one strike down already. Your best hope is to pay the speeding ticket quickly, quietly, and w/o fuss, while hoping that they don't cross check with your license status. If they discover that you were driving on a suspended licence you'd, probably get your suspension extended, and another fine.

While driving it is important to follow the rules of the road and drive the speed limit. For going 15 over the speed limit a person will have a speeding ticket of $150 to $200 depending on court fees and city taxes.

This is easy to answer. The person who was driving gets the ticket because that person is the one who broke the law.

The fact that a driver gets a speeding ticket has nothing to do with the owner of the car(unless it's the speeders.) The vehicle owner's insurance company will never know about the ticket, but your's will (or your parents) if you're a minor and insured under your parent's insurance. However, if there's a reportable accident involved with the speeding ticket, then the owner of the vehicle,(I'm speaking only for New York State, not sure about others), will be considered responsible for the accident, since the insurance company will now know, but the speeding goes with the driver.

The police car itself will never give you a speeding ticket. The officer inside the car, however, can, whether or not their vehicle is in motion. They are just as capable of taking speed measurements while movement as they are while stationary.

If you were driving while talking on the cell phone and you got a ticket for distracted driving, then yes it is.

If I were in your shoes, I would be the one to notify them that I got a ticket. That shows your honesty. Don't tell them and they find out later and that shows your dishonesty. Which of these is the better scenario. Be honest and tell them. It is just a ticket and not the end of the world. Trying to hide it may get you fired.

The purpose of defensive driving course is to refresh or teach for the first time, defensive driving skills. In some states, defensive driving is allowed after receiving a citation (most times for speeding) as a way to dismiss the ticket while re-training the driver in what it is to be a safe driver.

That depends on your state law and the leniency of the judge. You'll be facing two charges - speeding, and driving without a licence (although some states may have a different charge for persons driving solo on a learner's permit). You can expect a hefty fine, the loss of your permit, and probably a suspension period in which you won't be able to obtain another learner's permit or licence.

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