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Can you get a tattoo while on baby aspirin?


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I want to get a tattoo and I am on 81 mg of aspirin. Is it OK to get one and won't start bleeding?

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81mg is the common dosage for "baby" aspirin

It's okay to take aspirin while taking synthroid. (Do not take more than what is recommended on the package of aspirin.) If you are considering taking aspirin daily for your heart, it should be a baby aspirin or 1/2 tablet of plain aspirin.

Low dose aspirin and baby aspirin are two different things. Baby aspirin is chewable and low dose is not. However, both low dose aspirin and baby aspirin are each 81 mg in strength.

A baby aspirin is 81mg

I dont think it will hurt a baby, but before you decide if you want a tattoo maybe you should learn how to spell....

YES, don't ever give a baby regular adult aspirin its way to strong.

I am taking baby aspirin,81mg for protection of heart and high lipids.Can I take arthrotec for sciatica from herniated disc and related hip,leg,buttuck pain

Aspirin and Tylenol are unrelated. You can take the full recommended dose of Tylenol (acetominophen) if you are taking a baby aspirin.

Yes, you can. Baby aspirin is the same as regular aspirin, just 1/4 of the regular amount (81mg instead of 330 mg). Since aspirin causes stomach bleeding, it is advisable to only take small amounts of it. 1-2 pills of baby aspirin usually works fine for me.

If the legal guardian brings the baby in yes. But not for a tattoo

Acetaminophen or paracetamol is better than aspirin. It is better to consult doctor before taking any medications while pregnant.

81mg baby aspirin T PO QD means to take one 81mg tablet of baby aspirin by mouth every day.

what is the best time of the day to take a baby aspirin for my heart

Aspirin was designed to be taken anytime that you have a problem relieved by it, unless it specifically states that it is an AM or PM aspirin on the label. Just one thing:Baby aspirin is supposed to be for babies.

No reputable tattoo artist will give you a tattoo while pregnant. It could do serious harm to the unborn baby. It is recommended that you shouldn't even dye your hair while pregnant. There is no need to get tattoos while pregnant, wait until the baby is born and your body is at full strength before you go ahead and get one. Your only prenant for 9 months, its not long to wait.

you shouldn't take any medicines while pregnant. if I'm not mistaken aspirin is a deffo no, no. it thins the blood and as your heart is working harder for you and your baby it can be dangerous. this should be in any of the baby books you've been given. x

Usually, you can safely give your cat one baby aspirin every three days. A dose that is reduced to one half of a baby aspirin every two to three days is considered a safe dose for cats. Not all cats will react the same to even a small dose of baby aspirin.

Do not get a tattoo while on coumadin.

Even adults are sometimes advised to take baby aspirin. It's slightly weaker than normal aspirin, and may suit certain situations better.

There is no evidence to suggest a baby has been born with a 666 tattoo. It is impossible for a tattoo to be placed on a babe in the womb.

Baby aspiring can be given to dogs every 8 to 12 hours. Do not give your dog baby aspirin without consulting your veterinarian.

The permanent tattoo will stay on your body for good. While non permanent tattoo willdisapear after a while.

Aspirin can pass into breast milk and may affect the baby

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