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Can you get a torchic in Pokemon platinum?

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no you can't unless your trade. i happen to have one would you like to trade with me maybe?

email me at tom_kinsey@Yahoo.com if you do.

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Where can you find a Torchic egg in Pokemon Platinum?

no you can't find a torchic egg in Pokemon platinum

How can you get torchic in your pokedex in platinum?

To get torchic in platinum you have to have ruby or sapphire or emerald and then you just insert it in the gba slot and then play platinum and you will see this message that say migrate from which ever Pokemon you have insert and click migrate but you have to have 6 Pokemon in a PC box to migrate and then you migrate so that is how to get torchic in platinum. by isaias bermejo montes

How do you catch a torchic in Pokemon pearl?

You cant.But in Pokemon green ETC if you get a female one you can breed it to get another torchic you can migrate it onto pearl platinum or diamond

What area can you get a torchic on Pokemon Platinum?

Sadly you cannot catch Torchic in Platinum because it is a starter pokemon of the Hoenn Region. But you should try asking a friend if they have one, one of my friends was nice enough to breed one for me :) ( He transferred his Blaziken from his Pokemon Sapphire Version to his Pokemon Platinum Version) Hope this helped :)

How do you get torchic in Pokemon Platinum?

You'll need to trade for it or migrate it from the older Pokemon GBA games. Trade

Cn you catch torchic on pokeomon platinum?

no you can't because it a hoen Pokemon and a starter

Pokemon platinum how to get torch?

You mean torchic and you half to migrate from hoenn or travel to hoenn.

Where do you catch a turchic in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no way to catch a wild Torchic in Pokemon Platinum. The only way to get one in Platinum would be to transfer from the Generation 3 games (Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald) where it is a starter Pokemon.

How do you see torchic in Pokemon platinum?

I don't think you can... unless you trade it from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald

Where can you find Torchic in Pokemon platinum?

You cannot find one in the wild but you can use the pal park.

How do you catch torchic in Pokemon platinum?

The only way to get a Torchic is by migrating one up from Emerald, Ruby, or Sapphire. You can't catch one just out in Sinoh.

How do you get torchick in platinum?

you cant you have to transfer it from Pokemon platinum by using pal park which can only be used after you get the national dex. (by the way, its torchic, not torchick.)

How do you get torchic in platinum?

The only way to get torchic in platinum is to have a ruby or sapphire or emerald game migrate one to platinum then catch it at the pal park.

What type of Pokemon is Torchic?

Torchic is a Fire type pokemon.

How can you find a torchic in Pokemon platinum?

ill trade you one my friend code is 1805 9351 6951

Where can you catch a torchic in Pokemon XD?

Torchic does not appear in Pokemon XD as a catchable Pokemon.

Where do you Torchic in Pokemon Colosseum?

torchic is not in colosseum.

Where do you find torchic in Pokemon platinum?

you go to stark mountain talk to tam galactic and be in their team and they will give you 1

How do you catch a torchic in Pokemon glazed?

You can't catch torchic in pokemon glazed yet.

How do you get a torchic in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to trade it from Pokemon ruby or sapphire.You cannot get a Torchic in Pokemon Leaf Green. The game is played only in the Kanto region, and since Torchic is in the Hoenn region, you cannot get torchic in Leaf Green.

Where do you catch torchic in Pokemon indigo?

You can catch Torchic in the Lavaridge Town Gym in Pokemon Indigo.

How do you get a torchic in pokemon pearl?

Torchic is a fire type of Pokemon. The only way to get one of them in Pokemon Pearl version is to trade it.

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