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This would all depend from where you download the programmes. If it some a legit safe suite then the changes are very small. But if it is from a unknown site then it could give you a virus.

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Is media fire safe?

yes// after downloading the file..Scan it with an anti virus.

Is media fire virus free?

No its not many people unloads files there be Careful when downloading from there

Can you get a Virus from downloading something?

Yes, the application or document you are downloading can contain a virus or cookie embedded in it.

How do computer viruses get around?

We get virus by playing and downloading to much games, especially when downloading virus games and stuff

Will downloading fonts give you viruses?

ANYTHING can give you a virus if downloaded. Run virus scans on the file before downloading.

Can downloading get your computer a virus?

it all realy depends what your downloading , but if you have a good anti virus ( Avast/AVG ) it will tell you wether the site your downloading from is safe , but that's not to say the download will not have a virus , everytime you download something from an untrusted site , Scan it with your anti virus

Does downloading Zune give a virus?

No, Zune will not give your computer a virus.

If you install something will it give you a virus?

not always depends on what website you are downloading it from and what you are downloading

How do you fix your registry after downloading a virus called housecall?

Housecall is not a virus but an online virus scanner

Can you permenately remove a computer virus?

Yes by downloading Virus cleaner and block the cause of the virus

Will you get a virus from downloading minecraft on toshiba laptop?

No. Minecraft is completely virus free!

Will downloading Pokemon hacking software give you a virus?

yes you have to give the virus......

How much fat does cheese have?

virus downloading

Does downloading world of tanks give you a virus?

no it does not

Is there a virus on downloading dota 2?

No there isn't.

How do you get a virus in a computer?

downloading to much stuff

How do you come incontact with viruses?

By downloading a virus...

Does downloading flight simulator have virus?

It depends on where you download it from... If you have bought it and are downloading from the Microsoft website, then it is safe. If not, there is a chance it may a have a virus. Again, it really depends on where you get it from.

Is downloading mabinogi safe?

Downloading Mabinogi is completely safe, and virus free. Fun to =D

Does morpheus give you a computer virus?

Downloading the program itself won't, but if you go around downloading sketchy files from unsecured sources then yes, you can contract a virus from that.

Can your Mac get a virus from downloading a movie because a virus needs user password but downloading movie doesn't?

Just from the first is possible from getting the virus when you downloaded but the chances are very low for a Mac.

How your computure can get virus?

Downloading files that are attached with a virus. Only download from trustworthy sites

Will downloading horizon give you a virus?

Yes it will don't use it if you don't want virus

Does downloading last chaos give you a virus?

no it deos not

Does downloading have virus if your system is fully protected?


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