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Getting All 386 Pokemon

The only way is to have an Action Replay and enter this code(93cc476a, 8c7b6c01, 03650473, df38618e, 67c11314, 8556956f, bb87c867, 94118b68, f6be2d41, c51b2ef3, fa701ea5, 7d896f37, c9adf3d5, 20700d3b, 974ddbcc, 406cfoac. This only completes your Pokedex.


Yes and no. Yes, you can go to Nintendo Events and get a ton of other games and do a lot of trading and breeding. Or use a cheat thing. No, you can't CATCH EVERY Pokemon in EMERALD ALONE.

You can get every Pokemon in the world if you trade with your friends, use GameShark, and use Action Replay.

Yes You Can Without Action Replay First Complete Hoenn Dex Then Do In Game Events To Get All The Pokemon from Yellow,Crystal The Legendary Pokemon Are Harder To Get Though You Have To Do A Series Of Events After Beating Battle Frontier Deoxys Is The Only Exception Just Have Mystery Gift Enabled


You can't catch Pokemon with AR in Emerald and fill you're Pokedex. I have a Jirachi and Deoxys and I still don't have them in the Pokedex. You have top go to Events to get them into your Pokedex.

But, there is a way of getting all the Pokemon in Emerald. You just have to have the Rom Pokemon Emerald 386. It can be downloaded by just searching it on Google. I have it and it works perfectly. It has all 386 Pokemon in it.

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Q: Can you get all 386 Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald?
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What is in the national pokedex in Pokemon emerald?

All 386 pokemon from Bulbasaur to Deoxys

What is Pokemon Emerald 386?

Pokemon Emerald 386 is a hacked version of Pokemon Emerald that allows you to complete the pokedex without trading and/or hacking. It's a ROM that can be played on a VBA. You can get it at

How do you get every single pokemon on Pokemon Emerald?

You cant legitimately get all 386 pokemon in Pokemon Emerald. You must trade from other versions or use a gameshark to cheat and get all pokemon.

How Many Pokemons Are There In Emerald?

386 Pokemon.

How many Pokemon are there in Pokemon emerald?

200 Hoenn and 386 National.

How many Pokemon are there in the pokedex in emerald altogether?


How do you make action replay codes for Pokemon Emerald work?

You have to download Pokemon Emerald 386 and put the cheat on it

How many Pokemon are there in emerald?

Sinnoh;202 National:386

What level does Electabuzz evolve in Pokemon Emerald 386?

he doesnt

How do you get all 202 Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald?

Actually, Emerald version (along with R/S/FR/LG) has 386 Pokemon and if you have a look at a R/S/E/FR/LG pokedex you'll see all the areas

What Pokemon are available in Pokemon leafgreen?

The first 386 or basically all Pokemon from emerald and before, you can't get any of the new Pokemon added in diamond/pearl/platinum

How do you get sheildon in Pokemon Emerald?

You CAN'T get Shieldon in Pokemon Emerald. Pokemon Emerald along with Ruby and Sapphire can only obtain the very first 386 Pokemon. Shieldon is a Sinnoh Pokemon not a Kanto,Johto, or Hoenn Pokemon.

How many Pokemon do you have to have in emerald?

There are in total 386 Pokemon 382 of which you can obtain from firered, leafgreen, ruby, sapphire and your emerald and Pokemon colosseum and Pokemon xd gale of darkness.

Can you catch all 386 Pokemon in green leaf and fire red or do you have to trade with ruby and sapphire?

If you want to get all 386 Pokemon, you are going to have to trade with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and maybe even Colusseum or XD. For all of that info, i suggest you go to

I can't play Pokemon Emerald 386 what should i do?

Use ur brain

How do I get All the Pokemon on LeafGreen?

Trading or with a gameshark --- You can not get all the 386 Pokemon by simply owning just one game. In order to get the rest you need to trade with Fire Red, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald.

When does Scyther evolve in Pokemon emerald 386?

At any level i guess, you have to use a sun stone

How does seadra evolve on Pokemon emerald 386?

Seadra can be evolved into Kingdra by using a water stone

Where can you find swinub in Pokemon Emerald?

you can catch it in the ice cave in Pokemon emerald 386 here you go the link

If you have the national dex but you cant see all 396 Pokรฉmon in LeafGreen?

First of all there is 386 Pokemon second of all of course you can't see all 386 Pokemon because most of them are in the hoenn region and johto region you need to do a lot of trading between firered, ruby, sapphire, emerald and Pokemon colosseum and Pokemon xd gale of darkness if you want at least 382 Pokemon the other four are event only Pokemon.

How many Pokemon are there is emerald?

There are 386 Pokemon in the game. Some Pokemon aren't available to capture in the game, including some that have to be traded from other games, and event legendary Pokemon.

How do you get every Pokemon?

To get all 386 Pokemon is by trading Pokemon from these games: Ruby, Sapphire, Colloseum, Firered, Leafgreen and Emerald and special downlaods such as the aroura ticket or the mistic ticket. Use an action replay.(if you want to cheat)

Do you get to battle Ash in emerald version of the Pokemon game?

You have to get all 5 trainer starz, all gold symbols, catch all 386 different Pokemon and mix recoreds with ruby; and get the eon ticket. Go to birth island, and then you can battle ash.

How do you receive a Typhlosion in Pokemon Emerald?

get all the Pokemon in the emerald dex

How do you get all 5 stars in pokemon leafgreen?

Defeat the elite four, Get all 386 pokemon.