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Yes - some (very few) STDs can be transmitted from other than sexual contact. It is very very unlikely you will get it from a toilet seat as the organism requires a moist environment to survive and most toilet seats are dry. Unclean hands could theoretically pass it on but I don't think it had ever been proven. You are most likely to get an STD (other than sexual contact) by blood to blood transfer - sharing a razor or a toothbrush.
It would be nearly impossible to get a STI from a toilet seat.
It's theoretically possible, but unlikely.

Not all STD's are transmitted by touch like you can get crabs from a toilet seat but its not like you can get AIDs from a toilet seat but regardless you must be careful. You may not get an STD but you might get a disease or an infection from a toilet seat.
You won't get a STD by using the same toilet as someone that has a STD.
It would be highly unlikely to get a STD from a toilet seat. Probably, if any STI were to occur from a toilet seat, it would be herpes.
Not me and Not you. None can catch a STD from toilet seats. Those are tend to spread with intercourse only.
It would be highly unlikely to get a STD from a toilet seat; the most likely would be genital warts.
The only way you can get VD from a toilet seat is to have sex while you're sitting on one.

While it is technically possible, it is not very likely. Most STDs are going to die if exposed to air for a few minutes, particularly if they dry out.
This is nearly impossible to occur.
It would be very unusual to contract a sexually transmitted disease from a toilet seat.
Most STDs can't be transmitted from a public toilet.
You could get an STD from almost everywhere, STDs are viruses and viruses can live on surfaces anywhere from a second to a year. If one of the cells gets into your body you could contract the disease.
It is unlikely to get a STD from a toilet.
Yes you can
"No, but you could pick up something like a yeast infection or staph." Health officials will tell you "No," but the truth of the matter is that many bacteria (i.e. those causing STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis), as well as viruses (i.e. those which cause STDs like HSV II (Herpes) or HPV (Genital warts) can, under the right conditions, survive 24 hours or more out-of-host (i.e. on an inorganic surface such as a toilet seat). It is also accepted in the medical community that you CAN contract HSV II via sharing towels with someone who is either experiencing an outbreak or asymptomatically shedding (although it's not common). Thus, it seems wholly reasonable to take extra care and caution in using public ANYTHING--as restrooms tend to be, for the most part, cleaned more often than things like phone receivers, drinking fountains, etc. Antibacterial gel isn't something you'd want to use day-in and day-out, but is definitely a good idea if you are in a highly populated public area. Also, not a good idea to sit on the toilet seats--ever. BTW--Most health officials' decision to say the answer is "no" is only because there hasn't been a well-funded government study to confirm or dispel the matter. Also, if the "official" answer was "yes", you can imagine the uproar and public outcry for government to "do something" about it. Hence, the lack of CDC study.
It is possible, but not likely.
It would be almost impossible to get a STD from a toilet seat.


House said yes but im not sure lol
Crabs is probably the biggest threat STD-wise and is also very easy to treat. You can also get herpes from a toilet seat, under special circumstances. The virus itself has great difficulties to survive a prolonged period outside the body, but could easily survive a couple of minutes between two different toilet-users in a warm droplet of water, so care should always be taken with public bathrooms.
yes you can...but only herpes an hiv/ chlamyida,gonorrhea,spyhlis..etc can NT be contracted that ways unless u use the toilet within seconds..the reason for tha is the bacteria in thos sti's need a moist place to survive...
Theoretically, yes - in reality, no. For that to happen there'd have to be 2 steps: 1) someone with a STD getting really friendly with the seat, not only sitting on it, but giving it a good rub against his/hers genitals. 2) then you'd have to come along fairly immediately, and give the seat an equally good rub against your genitals. Doesn't sound too likely, does it?
For a free phone consultation with a staffed physician who can prescribe treatment when appropriate or answer any questions call 24hrs a day 7 days a week toll free 1-877-246-1519 its a confidential call.
No you can't get HPV from a toilet seat, however the hepatitis C virus can live for up to 1 week outside of the body so it is always a good idea to either not sit on the seat or put something down on it before you sit.
Almost all sexually transmitted diseases have to be passed through direct contact. This person should really get them treated, there can be complication caused by them depending on what exactly they have. There is nothing wrong with cleaning the seat, but you most likely don't have much to worry about.

no you can not catch an std from a public toilet,

you can only get an std by having sex.

no one wants an std so that is why it is important

to use a condom every time you ''get busy'' or you could face serious


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Q: Can you get an STD from a toilet seat or from uncleaned hands?
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Can you get an std from a toilet seat or a bathtub?

You can't get an STD from a toilet seat or bathtub. This is an old wives' tale.

Can you get STDS from a toliet seat?

It is not likely to get a STD from a toilet.

Can you transfer an std from the toilet seat to you hand then to your genitals?

No you can not.

How do you treat an STD you got from a toilet?

You can't get a STD from a toilet.

Can you get an STD from dirty hands?

You will not get a STD from dirty hands.

Can you get a STD from cleaning a toilet bowl if you have a cut on your hand?

It is not likely you would get a STD from cleaning a toilet bowl if you have a cut on your hand.

Can you get an STD from uncleaned bed sheets?

I know you can get crabs. It says to wash your clothes, bed sheets, etc in hot water

There is a cut in your buttcrack can you get a disease from a toilet because of it?

No, you will not get a STD from that.

Can you still have std even if you and your sexual partner has no other sexual partners?

It's unlikely, but are you absolutely sure that your sexual partner has had no other sexual partners? There is no certain way to tell. It is possible to contract an STD by contact with a toilet seat or a towel or equipment at a gym that has not been cleaned.

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Can you get a STD from an object that was touched by someone with an STD?

No... unless you have bodily fluids on you're hands then yes

Can you get an STD from not washing your hands after using the bathroom?


Can you get an STD if you're married?

Yes. Any person is susceptible to contagions such as std's. If both partners were std free when they got married it would mean, of course, that the individual who is now infected with an std had sex outside the marriage. I understand there are people who claim to have picked up an std from toilet seats. But, what are the chances of that happening? Pretty small I bet. After all, that is why they are called Sexually Transmitted Deceases and not Toilet Transmitted Deceases....:-)

Do you get a desise if you finger bang with dirty hands?

You wont get an STD but you can get an infection. I would advise using clean hands.

Pain after intercourse in male while going to toilet?

This could be a symtom of an STD. Go to the Dr and get checked out.

Can you get genital warts from a toilet seat?

No. Toilet seats are actually not a good breeding ground for germs and diseases. They prefer moist warm environments - not cold hard plastic.Genital warts are caused by the STD HPV (Human Papillomavirus). HPV is only spread by sex (vaginal, anal or oral) and by DIRECT skin to skin contact with the infected area. It can also be spread during childbirth if the mother has the STD, but this is REALLY rare.You can call 877-649-8467 for more information

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Can you get an STD from a hand?

No, hands don't spread diseases, STD are spread sexually, that's how they get their name. Don't count on the previous answer. If you transfer material containing virus's or bacteria...depending on the type of your genitals, then you could contract the STD...especially if you have an open sore on your genitals!

Can you get std from anal?

It depends. If your having anal sex with yourself then no unless you had touched a persons genitals and did not wash your hands. If you have anal sex with someone and do not have a condom then yes you can get an STD

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How can I tell if the lumps on my hands are warts?

To identify they are warts on your hands you first need to rule out that they are not genital warts. Genital warts are an STD that need to be diagnosed by a doctor.

Can you get an STD If you finger a girl then touch you penis?

it is possible if you didnt wash your hands and you touched the head where your hole is.

Can you get an STD from shaking hands?

That's 100% Absolutely NO! ___________________________ HIGHLY unlikely. If you both had open bleeding sores on your hands, it might be possible - but you wouldn't be shaking bloody hands, now, would you? So, 99.999% no.

Where would it hurt if you have an STD?

You can have Flu like symptom's. Your stomach would hurt with Aches and Pains you could also have pain when you go to the Toilet

Is there an std that causes red spots on hands and feet?

Yes, second stage syphilis can cause red spots on the hands and feet. Please get tested right away.