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Possibly, if your partner has some infection. You could also get pregnant.

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2010-09-29 05:03:57
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Q: Can you get an infection from a condom being stuck in you?
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How do you get a condom from being stuck inside of you what do you do?

If you can't get it out using your fingers you have to see a doctor.

What are symptoms of a condom being stuck in your vagina?

Your hips expand, and eventually your vagina will burst.

How do you remove a condom still stuck inside of you?

You need to reach up and pull it out or go to the doctor. They will cause an infection and it needs to be removed.

Can you get a yeast infection while using a condom?

If the condom breaks

What will happen if you have an IUD and a condom gets stuck?

The IUD will provide the same protection against pregnancy. As usual, it won't provide protection against sexually transmissible infection.

Can you get chlamydia from getting a condom stuck if your partner doesn't have it?

No she can not.

Do people who use protection still get HIV infection?

There are no exact figures, but the chances of HIV infection using a condom is minimal (2% condom failure rate).

How do you remove a condom that is stuck?

You reach for it with your fingers. If it doesn't work you have to see the doctor.

Can a stuck condom in your vagina get you pregnant?

YES! That's how I ended up with my son.

Is it safe to put a banana with a condom on it up your vagina?

I would say yes but make sure nothing can get out of the condom because it can get stuck and can really hurt you

How can a condom reduce the risk of infection?

because then if your willy has any infections, they are not passed on to the female.

Is there a health risk if a girl has a condom stuck in here and just waits for her next period for it to come out And will if come out when she menstruates?

You could be at risk for an infection. I would suggest that you go to the doctor and have it removed. I don't think that waiting for your next period will help.

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