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They should offer you a chance to get your belongings out of the car when they come to repossess it. Their repossession order covers the vehicle they're repossessing - it does not give them entitlement to your personal belongings.

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Q: Can you get any belongings in your car that got repo?
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If live in Indy in your car is going to be repo and ihave not got any the in the mail can they come take your car?

Of course, the bank has the right to take it if you are not making any payments.

Can you go online to find out if your car got repo?

yup true

Is it legal for the repo company to break into your car once it has been repossessed without a key?

The car is not yours, it belongs to whoever got the repo company to collect it. They can decide what happens to the car, if they instruct the repo company to break into it, then that's what will happen.

If you got the vehicle in one state where the lender is and now live in another how does the repo work with an out of state vehicle?

Usually the bank has a list of repo companies they do biz with and they pick one to repo the car. Maybe the closest to the car, maybe the cheapest, whatever.

Do you have to let them repo your car?

You have to read your contract to find that out. You can offer to catch up the payments and keep on trucking - if they will let you do that. I once bought a car from a supposed friend and a repo man show up at my door a year later to repo the car because my friend had a loan on it and hadn't paid. I wouldn't let them have it. The repo people got the Sheriff to come out and get it anyway. I got srowd by my ex friend Jerry G.

If you paid the fees and got your car back from repo but what if you miss another payment with the bank?

It gets repossessed again.

What can you do if you notice major damage to the car when you get it back after repossession?

ANY claim about anything is subject to have to be proved. Sooo, get some sort of proof and contact the LENDER ASAP. Got any pics of the car the day before repo? Any reciepts from the week before when you had that repaired or noted that it didnt need repair? Anything like that? Do not waste your time contacting the lender instead sue the lender and the repo moron for the damages.

any accident this car involved?

did this car got into an accidetn

If your insurance got cancelled and you were in a wreck can you just let the bank repossess the car and let that be the end of it?

Yes, you can let them repo the car. NO, that wont be the end of it. YES. they have other legal options.

If you have not been given a repo notice yet can you pay half of the past due balance and still avoid the repo?

You don't have to be given "any notice" of an impending repossession. That is all covered in the fine print that you signed when you got the loan or bought the car. Best thing is to contact your lender and see if you can work something out.

If you cosigned on a car loan and the car got repoed can you get the car back if you pay the loan off?

Yes, You are still considered a signer of the note. You will have to pay repo costs and any other charges that may have occurred, but you have every right to get vehicle back. talk to your bank where the loan was processed and they should help.

In Texas can your vehicle be repossessed if you have the clear title in your name?

== Repo'd by whom?== If you own the car outright, who can repo it? No one's got a lien on it, right? Nobody's gonna hook your car. Not legally anyhow.

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